802.11 n WLAN Driver Free Download

802.11 n Wlan Driver

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802.11 n WLAN Driver Free Download

802.11 n WLAN Driver

WLAN driver is a Windows network driver created by Acer for Broadcom network gadgets. WLAN driver is a gadget driver created by Acer for Broadcom remote organization connectors, which the brand remembered for huge numbers of its workstations and work area PCs.

A gadget driver is a little program that encourages correspondence between a PC part and the more prominent framework. Similarly, as with most gadget drivers, the WLAN driver is allowed to download, introduce, and use.

Note that is essential to utilize a proper driver for a specific gadget. While this Acer driver bolsters an expansive scope of Broadcom network connectors, it’s anything but a conventional gadget driver and won’t work completely or at all with non-Broadcom network connectors.

This is the last driver—implying that there will be no further deliveries—and it is steady and offers a little impression. The working framework incorporates Windows 95, Windows 98/98SE, and Windows XP just as Windows NT4, Windows 2000, and Windows 2003.

Connect your Broadcom Network:

If you are utilizing a fitting Broadcom network connector yet with a more current working framework, at that point, you probably need an alternate form of this bundle. This organization connector driver upholds 802.11a, b, g, and n correspondence.

Note that it doesn’t uphold AC since that had not been delivered at this point at the time this bundle was finished. Moreover, this driver underpins double-band correspondence. So if your Broadcom network connector is a double band. At that point, it will have the option to impart remotely through both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies.

This is a manual establishment measure. Clients should unfasten the bundle physically. At that point, you should discover the Broadcom network connector, update its driver, and direct the cycle toward the recently unfastened organizer.

If you are utilizing a program that recognizes missing, obsolete, debased, etc drivers, you can simply direct that product toward the recently unfastened organizer to rearrange the driver update somewhat.


  1. Stable last driver
  2. Small impression


  1. Manual establishment

So, the Sabrent USB-802N Wireless 802.11n USB 2.0 Adapter gives you the adaptability to situate your Desktop PC or MAC where you need it, without the expense or bother of running organization links.

Augment information moves at paces of up to 300 Mbps to the extent of 400 meters. Introduce the USB Adapter into an accessible USB port, and interface with an accessible Wireless Network. (Switch viable with 802.11g and 802.11b)

A portion of the gadget may come with a CD/DVD where you can introduce the driver to your PC. Otherwise, you can go to the maker’s site. At that point locate the most recent form of the driver to download and introduce it to your PC.

For example, if you purchase this connector from Broadcom, you can look for the Broadcom 802.11n driver from Broadcom’s site.

How to Download 802.11 N WLAN Driver?

An 802.11 n WLAN Driver is a software program that helps a computer communicate with a wireless network. This program is included with some Acer laptops. Using the correct drivers will enable your laptop to connect to wireless networks.

This software is free to download and install, but it is best to run a system scan before installing it. There are several ways to perform this scan. You can use the Windows System Tool to download and install the latest drivers.

A free firmware driver update is available for download. It is a 9.5MB file that you can install on your computer. There are various versions of the driver available, so it is important to select the one that will work best with your hardware. This program also lets you know which device is causing the problem so you can fix it. Once you’ve identified the correct driver, you can move on to the next step. To download the latest version of 802.11 n WLAN Driver on Windows. Follow the instructions below.

  1. Locate the download link URL provided on this page.
  2. Click to begin the process of download.
  3. Wait until the download starts.
  4. Your download will complete after a few seconds.

How to Install The 802.11 n WLAN Driver on Windows?

To install the 802.11 n WLAN Driver on Windows. Follow these steps.

  1. Locate the downloaded 802.11 n WLAN Driver on the download history.
  2. Run the installer.
  3. Follow the instructions.
  4. Continue the installation and wait for the final step.
  5. At last, click on the finish button to complete the setup.
  6. Now, reboot the system OS.

Compatible Windows to Work:

An optional tool is available to help you scan your PC for missing or corrupted drivers. It works with Windows and identifies the devices on your computer. It also helps you install new drivers, and fixes outdated ones.

You can also use a scanning tool to scan your PC for missing drivers. You can download a free trial version, and get started immediately. Once you’ve downloaded the software, make sure to install it on your computer.

There’s another way you can physically download the 802.11n WLAN driver: Device Manager.

Gadget Manager empowers you to see and deal with the equipment gadget and driver programming on your PC. Here’s the way to do it:

  1. Ensure to associate your organization card with your PC.
  2. 2) Open Device Manager on your PC (by running devmgmt. MSC).
  3. 3) Expand Network connectors to discover your organization connector. (Some of the time you may discover it in Other gadgets), Right-snap on your organization card, and select Update Driver.

4) Choose Search naturally from refreshed driver programming, at that point adhere to the on-screen guidelines to wrap up.


So, thank you for downloading the 802.11 n WLAN Driver from our site. We shared the official 802.11 n WLAN Driver to download free.

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