Alfa AWUS036H Driver Download Free

Alfa AWUS036H Driver

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July 5th, 2023


July 5th, 2023







Alfa AWUS036H Driver Download Free

Alfa AWUS036H Driver:

Alfa AWUS036H Driver is a USB WiFi adapter with chip RTL8187, launched in 2009 and well-known among fans of the development of WiFi security applications thanks to its 100% compatibility with tools that use monitor mode and packet injection. This adapter is sold in Siliceo online store.

The delivery set is quite extensive, including a special stand that can be fixed on vertical surfaces, thereby improving the reception conditions.


The Alfa AWUS036H is an excellent WiFi adapter for penetration testing. This card has a high transmit power and can detect many different WiFi networks. It also supports monitor mode and packet injection in Kali Linux. Its small form factor makes it easy to use on a laptop. It is compatible with 2.4 GHz WiFi devices and has detachable antennas.

The device is delivered in a cardboard box with color printing and shows the manufacturer’s logo and describes its main characteristics. The packaging has several security features, including a holographic sticker to prevent forgery. The USB cable is also included in the delivery kit.

The Alfa AWUS036H has a powerful WiFi signal that penetrates all walls and eliminates Wi-Fi dead zones in your home or office. It has a maximum signal strength of 450 Mbps and works on both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies. Its sensitivity is better than the built-in wireless card on most laptops.


The Alfa AWUS036H is one of the best wireless cards in the world because of its ultimate range of capabilities. So, it is great for rural areas, remote rooms, and other places where there is little or no wifi signal. This card has been designed to provide better reception than any other. It can penetrate walls and eliminate wifi dead spots in your home.

The device is delivered in a small box, which includes all necessary accessories for use. The front of the box features a picture of the device, as well as its main characteristics. It also contains the manufacturer’s logo, model name, and certifications. In addition, there is a label with the device’s MAC address, serial number, and certificate of authenticity.

The adapter has a mini-USB connector for connecting to a computer and an RP-SMA connector for the external antenna. The box also contains a CD with drivers and software for using the device with Windows.


The Alfa AWUS036H is a cheap USB wireless adapter that provides high-speed WiFi connectivity. It is designed to help users who have trouble receiving a strong Wi-Fi signal in their homes or offices. The device is easy to install and works well under most conditions.

So, the box contains everything needed to use the adapter, including a USB cable and a stand that can be fixed on a vertical surface above the computer. The device is also equipped with ventilation perforations and a sticker with the manufacturer’s logo, model name, certifications, MAC address, and serial number. The MAC prefix 00: C0: CA identifies the device as an Alfa original.

The device has low power consumption and can work for a long time without overheating. The Gigabit Ethernet port is useful for gaming consoles and media streamers, which tend to flood the network with data. If possible, you should consider hardwiring these devices to the adapter. This will improve your overall network performance.

Installation of Alfa AWUS036H Driver:

The Alfa AWUS036H Driver for Kali Linux can be used to enable monitor mode and sniff data from a wireless network. It is a great tool for security professionals and penetration testers who are working with wireless networking devices. This device is easy to install and works well with most operating systems.

So, the device is delivered in a small cardboard box, which shows the manufacturer’s logo and describes its main characteristics. It has a special stand, which can be fixed with suction cups on a vertical surface above the computer. This will improve the conditions for receiving a radio signal.

You can use this adapter to connect to WiFi networks over long distances. This is possible thanks to the firmware OpenWrt, which allows you to select output power according to country. It is recommended to purchase the original ALFA adapter, which has a MAC number that begins with 00: C0: CA. These cards can be purchased from the Siliceo online store.

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