ApeosPort C2560 Driver Download for Windows

ApeosPort C2560 Driver

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July 15th, 2023


July 15th, 2023






ApeosPort C2560 Driver Download for Windows

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FUJIFILM ApeosPort C2560 Driver Download:

Unleash the full capacity of the new ApeosPort series with direct integration to popular cloud services or seamless connectivity with smartphones. Simple and easy preference settings enable quick operations.

The device automatically recognizes the user’s preferences and customizes the operation screen displayed after authentication. So, it also allows a print job to be started from a smartphone by simply touching it to the NFC touch area.

Printer Driver:

The FUJIFILM ApeosPort C2560 is a stylish compact Colour Multifunction Device with 30 ppm Print & Copy Speed, A3 Duplex Scanning, and Next-generation 7″ color touch screen. With true wireless support, direct integration with cloud services. And smartphone connectivity, this next-generation document solution will help to reduce print and copy costs.

The printer driver for the Xerox ApeosPort C2560 is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. So, this driver enables printing from any application on your computer that supports a PostScript driver.

This driver is a Microsoft Certified WHQL driver. This enables seamless integration with your PC and allows you to print using your preferred printing software. Additionally, the driver includes several features to optimize your printer and scanner settings. Reports on the usage of your ApeosPort are also available to provide insight into how the machine is being used. This service is only offered through authorized Xerox resellers. Availability of the service depends on region and contract type.

Scanner Driver:

The ApeosPort C2560 is a stylish compact color multifunction device that is both powerful and user-friendly. Designed with the future in mind. It is built with multiple expansion modules for maximum scalability. With direct integration with various cloud services and smartphone connections. The device can support a wide range of business workflows.

So, the Scan Delivery feature* automatically sends documents to predefined destinations based on the document type, scan settings, and OCR processing. It can also extract information such as folder names and file names from characters printed in QR codes or barcodes, reducing the workload of users.

The device can authenticate users by connecting to Microsoft Azure Active Directory. A cloud-based identity management service. The server-less authentication feature* enables the device to associate registered user information with the ID information stored in IC cards. Eliminating the need for a dedicated server. The Device Log service* visualizes the usage of multifunction devices and printers in an office by displaying usage charts on a web browser. It increases cost awareness among employees and lightens the burden on system administrators.

Wireless Networking Driver:

So, this driver provides a wireless network connection for your ApeosPort C2560. It works with Windows XP, as well as with other operating systems that support wireless networking and Cisco’s Light Extensible Authentication Protocol (LEAP).

So, to install the wireless client adapter driver, select a Microsoft Windows XP workstation and follow the steps in Installing the Client Adapter. To check the driver version, click the My Computer icon, expand Network Adapters. And choose the Cisco wireless card.

The ApeosPort device can integrate with Microsoft Azure Active Directory, a cloud-based identity management service, to authenticate users. It also supports Device Log Service*, a cloud service that visualizes usage data for multifunction devices and printers in an office to raise cost awareness among employees and lighten the burden on system administrators. *These services require a subscription.

Fax Driver:

ApeosPort C2560 is a compact, stylish color multifunction device with a large, high-quality A3 duplex scanner. So, it is designed to meet the needs of a diverse range of users from small businesses to mid-sized enterprises. Integrated with cloud services, mobile devices, and FujiFilm’s business apps, it offers optimum levels of scalability.

Incoming faxes can be stored on the device by setting Paperless Fax*. And they can also be forwarded to your smartphone or computer so that you can check them from anywhere. In addition, a Paperless Fax function is available for the control panel so that faxes can be printed only after they are checked on the device’s display.

So, in addition, the server-less authentication feature* makes an authentication server unnecessary by associating user information registered on the multifunction device with the ID information of IC cards and enabling multifunctional devices to authenticate users without having to install a separate server. This helps to reduce initial setup and maintenance costs.

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