ApeosPort C5570 Driver Download for Windows

ApeosPort C5570 Driver

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July 16th, 2023


July 16th, 2023






ApeosPort C5570 Driver Download for Windows

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Fuji Xerox ApeosPort C5570 Driver Download:

The new ApeosPort series accelerates your business evolution by removing technological barriers and comes equipped with high-quality features. These include top security certifications, predictive maintenance, and automated workflows. So, this means they will fit right into your work environment. So, you can easily download the latest version of ApeosPort C5570 Driver on Windows.

A simple image log of transmitted fax documents is automatically retained. Making it easy to verify the sender and reducing the risk of information leaks.

Color Printing:

The new ApeosPort devices accelerate your business evolution. Removing technological barriers to add more flexibility to your work environment. They boast a robust feature set of top security certifications, predictive maintenance, automated workflows, and multiple finishing options – all designed to help you increase productivity without compromising on quality.

The multifunctional devices are equipped with intelligent sensors that communicate with each other. So, this reduces downtime and ensures your print output is ready for collection. It also prevents information leaks caused by unretrieved printed documents.

So, the printers are compatible with the Xerox Global Print Driver (version 3). It is available for Windows 8 touch-enabled applications and provides a similar user experience to printing with desktop applications on Windows 7 printers. Moreover, a new class driver for the Xerox Workcentre MFPs has been introduced with MasOS 13. It is simple to install and provides an improved printing user experience. It does not require a PS driver and uses a more efficient PCL 6 printer driver.


Fuji Xerox ApeosPort-IV C5570 / C4470 / C3370 / C3371* / C2270 Digital Color Multifunction Devices are colorful innovation that prints, copies, scans and faxes. So, these devices accelerate your business evolution removing technological barriers and allowing you to adapt to changing work environments. They deliver breakthrough technology – from exceptional color speed and better reliability to easy-to-use advanced features and environmentally conscious engineering. Plus, they give you the control you need with some of the industry’s most advanced output security features and sophisticated reporting and management tools. Smart Work Gateway provides data-centric security and Document Rights Management. Protecting both paper documents and digital information.


So, the ApeosPort supports scanning to TIFF, JPEG, DocuWorks®, or PDF formats. It automatically selects the size/simplex/duplex/orientation of the document and can perform OCR processing* to enable convenient searching. It also allows you to set the destination for scanned data and emails from the UI panel after authentication, making it easy to operate even for users unfamiliar with this device.

Comprehensive security features ensure safety against information leakage and tampering. Attaching a digital signature to sent documents prevents modifications and falsification of the sender’s address. While an image log of transmitted fax documents makes it possible to identify unauthorized access from the source.

Smart Work Gateway lets you connect the ApeosPort to existing document workflows over cloud services or internal processes to eliminate redundancies and improve efficiency. Its powerful feature set also includes top-level security certifications and a heavy. Strong body that minimizes vibrations during peak load periods. It accelerates the pace of your work by eliminating technological barriers.


So, the new ApeosPort devices accelerate your business evolution by removing technological barriers to add flexibility to your workplace. With a versatile feature set of top security certifications. Predictive maintenance, automated workflows, and multiple finishing options. This powerful device effortlessly fits into your current document environment.

Secured faxing includes the import of a device certificate, encryption based on S/MIME, and a digital signature to ensure that documents cannot be modified or falsified. So, in addition, an image log of transmitted fax documents allows job logs and usage time to be managed without needing to file paper documents. This enables prompt investigation in the event of an information leak.

A duplex Automatic Document Feeder (DADF) enables the printing of long documents of up to 320 x 1200 mm and 300 gsm. This increases the number of prints and reduces paper and finishing costs.

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