Asus Bluetooth Driver Windows 10

Asus Bluetooth Driver Windows 10

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December 18th, 2023


December 18th, 2023






Asus Bluetooth Driver Windows 10

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Asus Bluetooth Driver Windows 10:

Asus Bluetooth Driver Windows 10 is free software that allows your computer to connect with other devices. It features audio streaming, file transfer, hands-free calls, and more.

It also helps you save power by using a low-power wireless connection. However, it’s important to keep your drivers updated to ensure compatibility with newer versions of Windows.

How to Download and Install the Driver on Windows 10?

To download and install the Asus Bluetooth Driver on Windows 10, you can follow these general steps. Keep in mind that specific details may vary based on your Asus laptop or motherboard model:

  1. Identify Your Asus Bluetooth Device:
    1. Find out the specific model of your Asus Bluetooth device. You can usually find this information in the device manager or by checking your laptop’s or motherboard’s documentation.
    2. Locate the Bluetooth Driver:
      1. Navigate to the “Drivers & Tools” section on the support page for your specific model.
      2. Look for the Bluetooth driver for your operating system (in this case, Windows 10).
  2. Download the Bluetooth Driver:
    1. Download the latest Bluetooth driver compatible with your Windows 10 version. Ensure that you download the correct driver for your system architecture (32-bit or 64-bit).
  3. Install the Driver:
    1. Once the driver is downloaded, locate the installer file (usually a setup.exe or similar).
    2. Double-click on the installer to run the installation process.
    3. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the Bluetooth driver.
  4. Restart Your Computer:
    1. After the installation is complete, restart your computer to apply the changes.
  5. Verify Installation:
    1. After restarting, check the Device Manager to ensure that the Bluetooth device is now recognized without any issues.
      1. Right-click on the Start button and select “Device Manager.”
      2. Look for the Bluetooth category, and verify that your Bluetooth device is listed without any warning symbols.
  6. Pairing Devices:
    1. Once the driver is installed, you should be able to use the Bluetooth functionality to connect and pair with other devices.

Note: If you are using a laptop, some Asus laptops come with a dedicated Bluetooth switch or hotkey (often labeled with a Bluetooth symbol). Ensure that Bluetooth is turned on using the hardware switch or function key on your laptop.

Always refer to the specific documentation provided by Asus for your device model, as the process may vary slightly based on the hardware configuration and software versions.

Download the latest version of Driver:

Asus Bluetooth Driver Windows 10 is an important component that helps your computer and hardware communicate correctly. It’s essential to keep your Bluetooth driver updated to avoid a variety of issues, including device not connecting, slow performance, and crashing.

To update your Asus Bluetooth drivers, you can follow these steps. First, make sure you have the details of your computer, like the model number and operating system version. Then, visit the Asus website and navigate to the download center. Then, enter your information and click “Support & Drivers.” Once you’re there, select the corresponding operating system and download the latest Bluetooth driver for your computer.

Once the download is complete, you can install the Asus Bluetooth driver on your computer using the installation file that was downloaded earlier. Be sure to follow any on-screen instructions to ensure the best possible results. You can also use a program such as ASUS Bluetooth Suite, which can help you manage your Bluetooth functions and connect to your devices with ease.

Another great option is Bit Driver Updater, which can automatically scan your PC for pending driver updates. This program is easy to use, fast, and reliable. Plus, it provides a huge driver database and offers the option to schedule driver updates at convenient times. This makes it a great choice for users who want to avoid the hassle of manually downloading and installing drivers.

Installation of Driver:

The Asus Bluetooth Driver Windows 10 is the program that connects your Asus laptop to the wireless devices you want to use. It is important to keep this software up-to-date to avoid problems such as slow connection or lack of functionality. Fortunately, there are several ways to download and install the latest Asus Bluetooth driver for your Windows computer.

The first method involves using a built-in utility called Device Manager. This tool allows you to see all the devices recognized by your system, including their drivers. To open it, press the Windows + R keys on your keyboard. This will prompt a window with a list of available commands. Click the command that corresponds with “Device Manager.” In this window, locate the Bluetooth category and expand it. Right-click on the Bluetooth driver and select “Update driver software.”

You can also download and install a driver updater application to detect outdated drivers and automatically update them for you. This will prevent your Bluetooth drivers from becoming corrupted or missing and will ensure that you have the most up-to-date version of the Bluetooth driver installed on your Asus PC. Popular driver updater applications include Driver Easy, Driver Booster, Smart Driver Care, and more.

If you are still having trouble connecting to your Bluetooth devices, try changing your PC name to match the Bluetooth device’s name. You can do this by opening the Bluetooth & other devices settings in Windows and clicking the device you want to connect to.


If you are having problems with your Bluetooth driver, you can try the following troubleshooting methods to get it working again. First, make sure that the driver is updated. You can do this by opening the Device Manager and selecting the Bluetooth category. Then, right-click on the driver and select “Update Driver Software”. Windows will then search for an available update. If the update is not available, you can download and install it manually.

If the problem persists, you can use a third-party driver updating tool to find and install an updated version of your drivers. This will ensure that your drivers are always up to date and running at peak performance. This method can also fix errors that are causing the Bluetooth driver not to work properly.

Another option is to restart your computer and check if the issue has been fixed. This method is easy and effective, and it may be the most convenient for many users. If this does not resolve the problem, you can try using another Bluetooth driver from a different source.

You can also perform a System File Checker (SFC) scan to detect and repair corrupted files on your PC. This is a safe and easy way to solve Bluetooth issues. If the SFC scan is not successful, you can download and install the latest drivers from ASUS’ official website.


Asus Bluetooth Driver is software that bridges the gap between your computer and your Bluetooth device, ensuring both can communicate properly. This is important because if your drivers are outdated or corrupted, you will experience various problems.

Aside from Asus’ regular driver updates, you can also download and install the latest Asus Bluetooth drivers from third-party sources. These drivers are usually available for free, and they are often able to resolve many issues that can occur with your Bluetooth device.

To do this, you must first scan your system for outdated drivers. Once the scan is complete, you can then use a driver updater program to automatically download and install the latest Asus Bluetooth drivers. You can also try using the built-in driver management tools in Windows to update the Bluetooth drivers, but this method is less reliable and may not be able to solve all your problems.

Asus Bluetooth devices are a great choice for anyone who needs wireless connectivity with a variety of devices. They are easy to use and provide high-quality performance. However, they do require regular driver updates and can be subject to occasional connectivity issues. For these reasons, users should consider their specific needs and budget before making a purchase. Fortunately, there are several ways to minimize these issues, including installing driver updater programs and following the tips in this article.

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