Canon TS3355 Driver

Canon TS3355 Driver

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February 8th, 2023


February 8th, 2023







Canon TS3355 Driver

Canon TS3355 Driver:

If you’re having trouble with your Canon TS3355 printer, you may need to download and install a new driver. This can be done through the Windows operating system or with an automatic update tool.

If you have a Mac computer, it’s important to make sure that your Canon printer is compatible with it. The good news is that most printers have updated drivers available to support Mac OS X.

Printer Canon TS3355 Driver:

The Canon TS3355 Driver is the software that allows your computer to communicate with the printer. It allows you to use all of the features that this printer has to offer.

You can use this driver for both your computer and your printer, so it is essential to have the correct version of it installed on your machine. Otherwise, you can get error codes indicating that the printer and your computer are not communicating properly.

This issue can be caused by several factors, including the printer’s settings and configurations as well as the device’s connectivity. In some cases, you can fix this issue without the need to send the printer to a repair shop or to the manufacturer for a replacement.

In other cases, the problem could be with your printer’s driver software. This can be difficult to fix on your own without the help of a professional. This can lead to further issues with your printer, so it is important that you do not attempt to do this on your own.

Scanner Canon TS3355 Driver:

The Canon TS3355 Driver is a multi-function printer that can print, scan, and copy. It has a 2.2-inch LCD screen and can be connected to a computer or mobile device through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

So, it has a built-in scanner that can scan documents at a resolution of 1200 x 2400 dpi and a copier that can make up to 99 copies. It is suitable for use in a home or small office.

To use the scanner feature of your Canon TS3355, insert a document into the automatic document feeder. Then align the guides on the side of the scanner tray to the width of the document.

Then, click the Scan button on your scanner’s control panel. You’ll see a window with options that allow you to select a file type and color. You can also set a destination for the scanned image. These settings will apply to future scans.


The Canon TS3355 Driver is a small, multifunction printer that can work as a scanner, copier, and printer. It also allows users to print wirelessly from their computers and smartphones, using Canon’s app or AirPrint.

Its large paper tray is easy to fill and the six inks, including a pigmented black, can achieve superior print quality for photos. Its bottled ink is affordable and there are enough cartridges for 3,700 mono pages and 8,000 colors, which makes it a great choice for home use or an office looking to cut the cost of printing.

If you are having trouble connecting your Canon printer to Wi-Fi, first check its connection to the computer and the router. If the problem still persists, try updating its drivers. This will help resolve the issue.


The fax feature of the Canon TS3355 Driver lets you scan and send documents directly to your email or cloud service. This is especially useful if you have a lot of files that you want to save as digital copies but don’t want to lose the originals.

It’s also easy to set up a wireless connection between your printer and phone. All you have to do is use the built-in Wi-Fi button and install the Canon printer app on your smartphone.

When you’re ready to print or scan, simply click the print or scan button and your device will connect to your network. The app will automatically send your documents to the appropriate destinations.

If you’re not sure how to set up your printer and scanner, consult the manual for your model. You can also ask other Canon owners on this forum for help and advice. The more detailed the problem and question you describe, the better your chances of getting an answer that’s helpful to you.

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