CH340G Driver 2021 Latest Download Free

CH340G Driver

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November 26th, 2020


November 26th, 2020





CH340G Driver 2021 Latest Download Free

CH340G Driver

We’ll teach you how to install CH340 drivers on different platforms in this guide if you need to. The driver should be mounted on most operating systems immediately. There is a large variety of web browsers out there though. The first time you talk the chip to your computer’s USB or when there are operating system upgrades, you might need to load drivers.

The CH340 can be pooled on a breakout or production board based on your program. Here is a range of boards using this specific USB-to-serial adapter.

Even to attach the panel to your device, you would need the right USB cable. For prototyping, you can need a USB cable and a buck converter.

There are a couple of versions of the CH340. While the CH340C has a built-in crystal oscillator, the CH340G allows an additional Bluetooth module to work. Both, nevertheless, operate in the same way – they convert USB data to a serial UART, and conversely!

The CH340 has been tried on:

  • Windows 7/10

Macintosh OSX

  • 10.5 (Yosemite)
  • 11.6 (El Capitan)
  • 13.0 (High Sierra)
  • 14.5 (Mojave)


  • Raspbian Stretch (11-13-2018 delivery) for the Raspberry Pi
  • Raspbian Buster (2019-07-10 delivery) for the Raspberry Pi
  • Ubuntu v18.04.2, 64-cycle

These working frameworks have the CDC drivers pre-introduced, which implies you shouldn’t have to introduce any additional product. Notwithstanding, there is a wide scope of working frameworks out there, so in the event that you run into driver issues, you can get the chronicled drivers connected beneath:

  • Windows (EXE) – Driver executable
  • Windows (ZIP) : Driver v3.4 (2016-09-27)
  • Macintosh (ZIP) : Driver v1.5 (2018-07-04)
  • Linux (ZIP) : Driver v1.5 (2018-03-18)

The CH340 is made by WCH. You can locate the most recent variant of their drivers here, yet the majority of their pages are in Mandarin. On the off chance that you utilize a Chrome internet browser, you ought to have the alternative to have the page interpreted.

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