DocuCentre V C2265 Driver Download for Windows

DocuCentre V C2265 Driver

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July 9th, 2023


July 9th, 2023






DocuCentre V C2265 Driver Download for Windows

DocuCentre V C2265 Driver:

DocuCentre V C2265 Driver – Overview:

A sleek, desktop device that fits your office without cramping your style. This multifunction device is quiet enough to sit right next to you, yet powerful enough to handle any workload.

Start with the basic unit and add on advanced finishers, document feeders, automatic stapling, searchable PDFs, and Server-less On-Demand Print as your needs evolve. Optional WiFi supports today’s mobile workforce.


Fx Document Centre C450 Pcl 6 Driver:

Multi-task with a single device to Print, Copy, Scan, and Send email fax (optional). Add advanced finishers to tackle time-consuming tasks such as stapling, hole-punching, and booklet making, and transform sales proposals, marketing collateral, and company documents into professional, fully-bound documents.

Keep staff connected with optional WiFi to support a mobile workforce. They can print directly from their own devices or scan and send to their smartphone or tablet with the Mopria App (available for free from the Google Play Store).

A sleek desktop design starts with a compact footprint, yet it’s flexible enough to grow with you. Easily add sheet feeders, automatic stapling, searchable PDF creation, and Serverless On-Demand Print as your needs evolve. Plus, EA-Eco toner reduces fusing temperature by 20 degrees reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. In addition, the DocuCentre-V V C2265 is constructed from bio-sourced materials using polylactic – made from fermented starch derived from food-source corn.


Today’s workforce is mobile – staff often hot-desk and are out in the field, or they bring their own devices to work. The DocuCentre V C2265 has optional WiFi to support your staff as they print from their smartphones and tablets. The device also features server-less on-demand printing, allowing documents to be printed at any time, from any device** on the network.

The DocuCentre-V C2265 delivers outstanding print quality with incredible clarity through industry-leading color printing. Its desktop design is slim and compact, with the option to add advanced finishers such as stapling, booklet-making, and searchable PDFs.

The DocuCentre-V C2265 minimizes energy consumption in sleep mode and uses less than 1.0 W while utilizing eco-friendly EA-Eco toner that reduces power usage by 20% by eliminating the need to heat the fuser during the print process. This helps reduce CO2 emissions and the use of dwindling fossil fuels. The DocuCentre-V C2265 is made from biodegradable materials. And its fusing temperature is lower than that of standard products, further minimizing its impact on the environment.


The DocuCentre V C2265 delivers outstanding print quality with incredible clarity through industry-leading color printing. It is also one of the smallest footprints for an A3 device. Optional advanced finishing options such as stapling, hole-punching, and booklet-making can transform sales proposals and marketing collateral into professionally-produced documents that elevate your business image.

Optional WiFi makes this DocuCentre multifunction device even more versatile and helps to support today’s mobile workforce. Staff can hot-desk or bring their own devices for meetings – impromptu or scheduled. Printing from a smartphone or tablet is simple with Mopria Alliance certification – download the app on your Android(TM) device to get started.

Our advanced eco-friendly technology reduces energy consumption by up to 30%. Cutting power bills and helping to protect our dwindling natural resources. Using bio-based materials for key components such as the fusing system and toner saves energy by lowering the fusing temperature. And when in sleep mode, the DocuCentre consumes less than 1.0 W.

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