DocuPrint 3055 Driver Download for Windows

DocuPrint 3055 Driver

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July 13th, 2023


July 13th, 2023






DocuPrint 3055 Driver Download for Windows

DocuPrint 3055 Driver:

The DocuPrint 3055 printer allows you to boost productivity by 30% using the quickest MICR cut-sheet printing ever. Designed for heavy workloads, this enterprise printer is ideal for the demanding office environment.

Xerox drivers are software programs that allow your computer to connect to hardware devices. So, these drivers help the device operate correctly and prevent crashes.

1. Installation of DocuPrint 3055 Driver:

DocuPrint 3055 Driver is a software program that allows your PC to communicate with the printer. It supports a wide range of computer system environments. It is installed from the CD-ROM included with the Driver CD Kit or downloaded to your computer.

Important Safety Notes:

Do not use this product in an environment with a high risk of fire or electrical shock.

Using CentreWare Internet Services:

Use this online service to install a print driver and various Fuji Xerox software. So, you must have a Web browser that supports JavaScript.

Installing a Windows Print Driver:

The procedure for installing the print driver is similar to the process for installing any other application program. So, when you click the [Print] button in your application program, the dialog box for selecting a printer appears.

Print settings can be stored on your PC and retrieved when you send a job from the same program. You can also change the default print settings. This option allows you to select the paper types that are loaded in your printer.

2. Configuration:

The printer is easy to install and use. It can be connected to the network via ethernet 10/100Base-TX or USB 2. So, the print quality is excellent for text documents. It has a wide range of paper capacities and can be configured with additional paper cabinets. It can be used with Windows, Mac, and Linux. So, it also supports Adobe PostScript.

The Ricoh multifunction devices with Smart Operation Panels integrate with Microsoft(r) Universal Print for secure, simple printer management (including mixed device environments) without the need for a print server. The printer can also be remotely configured via web-based tools.

The printer is able to print at high rates in various IPS data streams, including IPDS, Laser Series Printer Data Stream (LPS), and meta code. It is capable of printing the fastest MICR cut sheets in its class, boosting productivity by around 30%. It has up to 6 configurable input trays and a maximum page size of 14.3’’ x 17’’.

3. Activation:

Activation is the process of establishing communication between your printer and the PC. To activate the device, follow these steps:

The power saver mode reduces power consumption when the printer is inactive. By default, the printer switches to Low Power mode 3 minutes after receiving a print job and then to Sleep mode 5 minutes later. When the printer is reactivated, it returns to the Ready-to-Print state in about 16 seconds. You can change the factory default settings for these modes.

You can use the Printer Properties dialog box to configure several settings, such as the inactivity timeout (default 60 seconds). The following table shows a list of all available options for this dialog box.

DocuPrint 3055 Driver is free to download from our website. So, to make sure that the driver is compatible with your operating system, please check your computer system information before downloading. If you find any errors, feel free to contact us.

4. Troubleshooting:

Never attempt to operate the printer with procedures other than those described in this manual. Unauthorized operation can cause equipment failure or personal injury. So, this equipment is designed to be carried by two people firmly gripping the recessed areas provided on both sides of the machine. Lifting the machine to other areas may cause it to fall and result in injuries. Do not obstruct the ventilation openings. Failure to maintain proper ventilation may cause the inside of the machine to overheat and result in fire.

So, if your network environment uses DHCP, the printer will obtain its IP address from the DHCP server automatically. If the DHCP server does not provide an IP address, set [Get IP Address] to the Panel> button on the control panel and configure the printer’s IP address.

Install the PCL print driver and various Fuji Xerox software from the CD-ROM of the Driver CD Kit. So, refer to the ‘CD-ROM Documentation (HTML)’ on the CD-ROM for installation instructions.

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