DocuPrint 3105 Driver Download for Windows

DocuPrint 3105 Driver

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July 13th, 2023


July 13th, 2023






DocuPrint 3105 Driver Download for Windows

DocuPrint 3105 Driver:

DocuPrint 3105 Driver is a full-feature print driver for Fuji Xerox printers. This print driver supports both PCL and PostScript languages. It also supports the latest security features. It is ideal for use in Citrix or Windows Terminal Server environments.

Unlike proprietary “universal” print drivers, X-GPD eliminates multiple driver versions and underlying DLLs in network print queues. This dramatically simplifies driver management in enterprise networks and reduces IT’s support burden.

PCL 6:

PCL 6 is a printer command language that provides efficient ways to control printing features. It consists of a series of compact escape sequence codes embedded in print jobs before being sent to the printer. Its design allows for improved WYSIWYG print quality and increased performance with applications that support it.

The PCL 6 Enhanced version of the print language is optimized for graphics printing from GUI-based applications and reduces the number of commands needed to describe a page. It also reduces network traffic and provides higher-quality output.

The Left (Long-Edge) Offset Registration command identifies the position of the logical page across the short side of the physical page. Host Print Transform (HPT) sends this command at the beginning of *SCS spooled files.

PCL 5e:

PCL is a printer control language that was introduced by Hewlett Packard (HP). It was developed to provide an efficient way to control features on various printing devices. There are several different levels of the PCL language. Each group was created to address different requirements.

PCL printer commands are small escape sequence codes that are embedded in a print job before it is sent to the printer. These commands are identified by the ASCII character Ec, which is a unique escape code that tells the printer to treat the following characters as a printer command.

The newer version, PCL 6 Enhanced, is optimized for graphics printing with GUI-based applications. It is more compact and uses less data to describe a page. It also supports scalable fonts and font management.


PostScript is a page description language developed by Adobe that describes how a document should be rendered. It enables high-performance printing and graphics on a wide variety of printers, including color printers. PostScript is more complex than PCL and should only be used by advanced users.

Most Xerox printers support both PCL and PostScript drivers and should be compatible with PaperCut. However, some devices with the Xerox Universal driver (e.g. e-Studio 4520) have an in-built accounting code feature that can conflict with PaperCut.

Occasionally we encounter issues with certain low-end Brother printers using proprietary printer languages. For example, the HL-5250DN labeled “CUPS Printer Driver” on the Brother website (a PCL5 driver) can cause problems with copy count detection. In these instances, we recommend using the BR-Script Driver (a PostScript driver) instead.


The DocuPrint 3105 Printer is a monochrome laser printer that is intended for small-to-medium businesses (SMEs). This model has high print speed, with speeds of up to 32 ppm for A4 and 17 ppm for A3. It also has low power consumption when in sleep mode. It also features Fuji Xerox’s unique ‘Toner Save’ technology, which helps to reduce toner usage.

The printer features a small design that saves space on your desk. It also offers a range of connectivity options, including Wi-Fi Direct and Apple AirPrint. It also supports a wide range of image enhancement devices. You can even print from mobile phones or tablets, making it ideal for busy work environments. It is also easy to install and use, thanks to the simple driver installation process.


Print driver with advanced features for high-productivity printing. Supports multipage, duplex, and toner save modes for lower costs. Also offers a variety of security options. Secure Print is available for documents printed on Xerox printers or multifunction devices with Smart Operation Panels. It encrypts data sent to the printer and erases hard drives after printing. This feature helps ensure that confidential documents aren’t shared with unauthorized individuals or organizations.

Unlike current universal print drivers, X-GPD is location-aware. It automatically identifies your printer at a new network location using SNMP. It then preconfigures the driver with a list of printers available at that location. This eliminates the need for IT to deploy and manage individual drivers for each printer or MFP at every site. It also reduces print-management costs and complexity.

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