Epson LQ 2180 Driver Windows 10

Epson LQ 2180 Driver Windows 10

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May 20th, 2024


May 20th, 2024







Epson LQ 2180 Driver Windows 10

Epson LQ 2180 Driver Windows 10

Epson LQ 2180 Driver Windows 10 – An Ultra Reliable Impact Printer You Can Trust

No matter where your printing needs may lie – payables department, rental counter, or elsewhere – this wide carriage 24-pin dot matrix printer delivers fast and reliable performance. Offering draft speeds up to 480 characters per second as well as front, rear, and bottom paper paths plus zero tear form removal this durable printer can print even your most challenging applications. So, you can download the Epson LQ 2180 Driver Windows 10 from this page easily.

Exceptional Productivity

The LQ-2180 offers exceptional productivity with its 24-pin wide carriage print head that prints up to 480 characters per second (in high-speed draft mode). It handles 6-part standard forms as well as complex multi-part forms — original plus five copies — with ease thanks to its 9-way paper load capability enabling zero tear form removal and easy loading.

The large, 132-character LCD makes it easy to check the current state of your machine and provides useful information, including printer diagnostics and error messages. Furthermore, with one touch you can select ROM/printer configurations; advanced programmability lets you control program execution as well as monitor its flow.

The wide carriage 24-pin dot matrix printer is ideal for your payables department, rental counter, or anywhere that requires printing continuous feed or multi-part forms. Equipped with both an Epson Type B serial port and optional parallel interface, this printer is compatible with most popular operating systems ranging from Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP and Linux to UNIX and Mac OS 7. x or later; you can even easily connect to networks using its included Ethernet adapter – and its durability rating of 10,000 Power On Hours ensure it can keep working hard all day every day!

Wide Compatibility

Epson LQ 2180 Driver offers wide support for popular Windows operating systems and is an ideal addition to any office or network environment. As either a standalone printer or part of an automated workflow, this model delivers the speed and reliability you expect from Epson products.

My Epson LQ-2180 ESC/P 2 printer went offline today after it became shared among user workstations via a network share. All other print jobs continue to function normally; however, this one just stopped printing regardless of driver updates. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what may have caused its demise?

Microsoft updates may be causing SIDM and Dot Matrix printers to malfunction, as evidenced by recent Windows updates. For more information, please see our Epson Point of Sale and Impact Printers – Windows Update page; for temporary fixes, you could try temporarily disabling Trend Micro antivirus or switching printing software. To download the latest drivers please select your operating system below before clicking the Download button; all driver files are thoroughly scanned to detect viruses before being made available for download.

Zero-Tear Form Removal

Zero-tear form removal allows you to save both time and resources with its seamless multipart form removal feature, ensuring blank or pre-printed multipart forms come out without ripped paper edges or paper tears – saving money on supplies while decreasing office waste. This 24-pin wide carriage dot matrix printer is perfect for payables departments, rental counters, or anywhere that prints multipart forms continuously. Plus it comes equipped with both LPT ports and Epson Type B interface slots so it can connect seamlessly to either PCs or networks for even more flexibility!

Be aware that recent updates (KB4048953 and KB4048955) are causing issues with this printer and others, interfering with the Windows application that controls dot matrix printers. To resolve it temporarily disable Trend Micro antivirus software – that should allow your Epson printer to resume printing; or try using the Tp-link print server dongle as a workaround on both x86 and x64 systems as this should work as intended.

Easy Installation

This wide carriage 24-pin dot matrix printer is an ideal addition to your payables department, rental counter, or any environment where dependable printing of multi-part forms or continuous feed paper is required. Equipped with an Epson Type B interface slot and optional network interface board (sold separately), the LQ-2180 provides some of the fastest print speeds in its class – up to 480 characters per second in high-speed draft mode – for outstanding productivity. Furthermore, its standard parallel interface ensures wide computer compatibility.

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How to Download Epson LQ 2180 Driver Windows 10?

Download the latest version of Epson LQ 2180 Driver Windows 10 from this page. Follow the instructions.

  1. Locate the download link URL on this page.
  2. Click to start the process of download.
  3. Your download will start immediately.
  4. Wait to complete the process of download.

Process of Installation

So, after downloading the latest Epson LQ 2180 Driver Windows 10. Follow the provided steps below.

  1. Locate the downloaded Epson LQ 2180 Driver Windows 10 on your download history.
  2. Run the installer.
  3. Fill up the requirements.
  4. Continue the setup.
  5. At last, click on a finish button then reboot the system OS.


So, thank you for downloading the latest version of Epson LQ 2180 Driver Windows 10 from this page. We shared the official Epson LQ 2180 Driver Windows 10 to download.

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