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Epson L386 Driver

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January 11th, 2023


January 11th, 2023







Epson L386 Driver

How to Scan With an Epson L386 Driver?

When you use an Epson L386 printer, you should be able to perform certain tasks with your computer. One of the most basic tasks is the scanning process. You can use the built-in scanner on your printer, or you can download a driver to connect your printer to your PC. In this article, you’ll find out how to scan with your computer and how to maintain certain features of your printer from your PC. So, you can download the latest version of Epson L386 Driver from this page.

Download the driver:

If you’re searching for a small, budget-friendly, multifunction inkjet printer for your home, then the Epson L386 is a good choice. It comes with features like Wi-Fi connectivity, a high-capacity ink tank, an external scanner, and even a USB port. And, for your convenience, it’s compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

This is an all-in-one inkjet printer that offers print speeds of up to 33 ppm for black and 15 ppm for color. In fact, it’s so powerful that it can produce a resolution of 5760 x 1440 dots per inch.

The printer uses Epson’s own inks, which are designed to deliver excellent printing quality. This is also aided by the Epson Ink-Jet Color technology. There’s even an EcoTank system for ink management.

Scan with the built-in scanner:

If you use an Epson scanner, it’s possible to save scanned images, adjust color, and apply scan profiles. It’s also possible to save the scan settings you use so you can reuse them later.

When you scan, Epson Scan will display a preview. This preview is a thumbnail version of the image you are scanning. You can change the type of preview you see by clicking on the arrow next to the Preview button.

There are two modes you can choose from Home and Professional. In-Home Mode, you can customize your scanning settings and view the effects. With Professional Mode, you can set the resolution and use a normal or thumbnail preview.

If you decide to save your scan settings, you will need to create a save file name. The location where you save the files will depend on your Epson printer and the settings you set.

Check the current printer status:

If you’re using the Epson L386 printer then chances are you’ve been wondering how to check the current status of your printer. You can get this information from the EPSON printer utility.

The EPSON printer utility is a software program that allows you to control the printer. It has several functions that include scan, scanning, printer control, and printer setup.

In addition, the EPSON printer utility has shortcut keys to help you use its features. There’s a maintenance tab that enables you to change certain settings in your printer.

To open the EPSON printer utility, you’ll first need to select Maintenance from the Printer menu. A shortcut to the Epson printer utility is available in the Windows taskbar.

Besides, the Epson printer utility also has a progress meter. This is a nifty little tool that displays the status of your current print job. Also, you can view error messages if you’re having trouble connecting the printer.

Use the Print Head Alignment Utility to realign the print head:

If you’re experiencing printing problems, you can realign your print head to make it work again. The process may take a few minutes but is well worth the effort.

One thing to remember is to not turn the printer off during the cleaning process. This could cause permanent damage to the machine.

The first step is to open the printer’s software. In Mac OS X 10.6 or higher, go to the System Preferences menu and select Print & Fax. You should also check the options and supplies tab to ensure the right ink cartridges are in place.

The printer’s software will also offer you a number of options to tweak the printer’s settings. Check the color setting and the nozzle search.

Maintain certain features of your printer from your computer:

If your Epson L386 printer is not working properly, the first thing you should do is check whether it is connected to your computer. You should also ensure that your printing papers are inserted into the paper tray and that your ink cartridges are installed.

Your Epson printer may have a problem with the printhead or the ink levels. You can either clean the print head manually or run the maintenance reset utility. This will clear the queues and jams that prevent your printer from functioning.

The Epson L386 printer has an integrated ink tank, making it easy to maintain the color and the amount of ink you need. It is a good choice for home use and offers fast results.

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