Epson LQ 1310 Driver

Epson LQ 1310 Driver

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May 16th, 2024


May 16th, 2024







Epson LQ 1310 Driver

Epson LQ 1310 Driver

Epson LQ 1310 Driver is a dot matrix printer with a fast print speed designed to meet the needs of small businesses and home users alike. Furthermore, this reliable yet affordable printer ensures an exceptional printing experience.

It boasts an incredible printing speed of 416 characters per second (12cpi), as well as an internal data buffer of 128KB to reduce waiting time.

Print speed

If you’re printing from a Windows computer, this setting allows you to increase the print speed by using your hard disk as an extra buffer when printing. Though using this feature may reduce overall computer performance, utilizing it frequently could help speed up printing if printer memory runs low; otherwise, print speeds remain the same without this extra feature being utilized.

Adjust the default settings for many of the printer’s features directly from its control panel. Choose from several languages for the default-setting mode and which menu items should be printed; to change any option simply press Menu (Pitch and Tear Off/Bin). Your printer will display available options and print off one menu item before returning to normal operation.

This printer boasts a quick processing time and 128KB data buffer, supporting different kinds of paper including continuous forms and single sheets. Furthermore, its 8 built-in barcode formats support various business needs – making it the ideal solution for busy workplaces that must meet high production demands while remaining within production schedules. However, increasing print resolution or color printing may reduce printing speeds significantly; additionally, altering other conditions could affect speed or quality as well.

Paper capacity

Epson LQ 1310 printer features an optional cut-sheet feeder capable of holding up to 150 sheets, so make sure that after each print job, the printer is completely ejected to prevent paper jamming inside its machine. You may also adjust your paper size setting within applications or printer drivers; any creased, old, or too-thin paper could lead to printing issues.

If you prefer roll paper for printing purposes, select it as the paper source and set its paper size to correspond to that of the roll. Alternatively, select User Defined Paper Size to define custom page sizes without creating page breaks; predefined page sizes will automatically insert 36mm margins between pages of data.

The edge guides of your cut-sheet feeder may not be in their proper places. If any are misaligned with their respective arrow marks, adjust them as necessary to accommodate the width of the paper you are using.

Print Quality

Quality printers produce sharp text and graphics in printouts that match those displayed on your screen, as well as color-matching functions that adjust printouts accordingly. If the prints appear blurry or have an unusual bluish cast it could be due to improper loading or paper type mismatch. If this issue continues try adjusting settings or running head cleaning utility before trying replacing ink cartridges that may have run dry.

Epson LQ 1310 24-pin dot matrix printer is specifically designed to give busy offices exceptional speed, output quality, and reliability. Equipped with a high-resolution print head offering up to 600dpi resolution printing resolution and featuring an ample memory buffer capable of holding seven-part forms printing, the Epson LQ 1310 24-pin printer can print seven-part forms quickly while handling various paper sizes and is suitable for harsh environments.

This 9-pin wide carriage workhorse provides the durability and ease of use required to meet critical daily printing needs. Boasting an impressive MTBF rating of 20,000 power-on hours, this workhorse supports various printing languages via USB, Serial, and Parallel interfaces for seamless integration into systems – reliably processing everything from checks and multipart forms to invoices, shipping documents, and bar codes.


The Epson LQ 1310 ESC/P2 driver is an essential piece of software that enables your printer to function optimally. To keep it current, make use of a program that checks for updates automatically – this will ensure you always have access to the most up-to-date version and prevent issues caused by outdated drivers. To update, open Device Manager on your computer, expand any required categories and follow prompts until completed.

Your printer provides access and allows you to change default settings via its control panel. To make changes, press the Set button until you reach your desired value; after making any adjustments press Menu (Pitch and Tear Off/Bin) until all lights turn off in default-setting mode; your changes are saved as new default values.

On this page, you can safely and securely download the latest Epson LQ-1310 ESC/P2 driver. Our professional software tests each driver before it’s uploaded on this site for verification and compatibility purposes. Please select your operating system before downloading drivers to ensure proper compatibility of hardware with drivers downloaded here.

How to Download Epson LQ 1310 Driver?

To download the latest version of Epson LQ 1310 Driver on Windows. Follow the instructions below.

  1. Locate the download URL on this page.
  2. Click on a button to start the download process.
  3. Your download will start automatically after a few seconds.
  4. Wait until the download is complete.

Process of Installation

To install the downloaded Epson LQ 1310 Driver on Windows. Follow these steps.

  1. Find the downloaded Epson LQ 1310 Driver on your download history.
  2. Run the driver installer.
  3. Fill up the requirements to install the driver.
  4. Continue the installation.
  5. At last, click on the finish button then restart your OS.


So, thank you for downloading the latest version of Epson LQ 1310 Driver from here. We shared the official Epson LQ 1310 Driver to download free on Windows.

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