Epson LQ 350 Driver

Epson LQ 350 Driver

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January 7th, 2023


January 7th, 2023







Epson LQ 350 Driver

Epson LQ 350 Driver:

The Epson LQ 350 Driver is one of the most popular printers in the market today. It is easy to use and comes with a lot of features that can help you to make your printing experience easier. There are various options you have to choose from such as cost and energy efficiency. Moreover, it is easy to install and replace the ribbon cassette.

Easy ribbon cassette replacement:

The Epson LQ 350 is a no-frills printer that isn’t too expensive to run. In fact, the LQ carries an ENERGY STAR certification which makes it one of the most energy-efficient machines in its class. It also boasts some cool features like a USB, parallel, and serial port. This is all backed up by exemplary customer service and a warranty that will keep you in business for years to come. If you are in the market for a new printer, make sure to check out the LQ-350 – it may be the best printer for your office.


Epson LQ 350 driver is a great choice if you are looking for a good quality, ultra-low-cost printer. It’s a workgroup small dot-matrix monochrome desktop printer. With an ENERGY STAR rating for excellent energy efficiency, this model has a low total cost of ownership.

This dot matrix printer is perfect for back-office applications. The model is designed with dot-matrix users in mind and has flexible features for handling continuous or cut sheets. Additionally, it has a built-in print speed enhancer.

As a result, the model is suitable for demanding work environments. In addition, it can handle labels, envelopes, and standard paper. These advantages make the printer ideal for front-office applications, too.

Aside from the standard USB, Parallel, and Serial interfaces, the model also has a built-in cable management system. With its small size and low power consumption, it’s easy to integrate this dot matrix printer into your workplace.

If you need a dot matrix printer with good print quality, low running costs, and a fast print speed, then this model is a great choice. While this model doesn’t have a high resolution, it does offer a large ribbon capacity of 2.5 million characters. Moreover, it has a low power consumption of 23W when powered on and 1.3W in sleep mode.


The Epson LQ 350 is a high-performance, 24-pin dot matrix printer that is a good fit for a variety of applications. It is fast, efficient, and easy to use. This energy-efficient model is suitable for small to medium-sized businesses that need a reliable, economical, and effective dot matrix solution.

The LQ 350’s most notable feature is its low power consumption, which is impressive when considering its performance. In normal mode, the printer consumes only 1.1W, and when it’s in sleep mode it uses just 1.3W. However, you should remember that the LQ 350 is more expensive than its LX counterpart.

Another impressive feat of the LQ 350 is its patented cable management system, which keeps the printer tidy and free of messy cables. The LQ 350 is also ENERGY STAR certified for its excellent energy efficiency. Moreover, it is a small, light, and surprisingly powerful dot matrix printer that has the capability to print up to 86 characters per second.


The Epson LQ 350 is an 80-column dot matrix printer that is a high-performance, economical and durable device. It has an incredibly fast print speed of 347cps in normal mode and is ideal for printing on single-sheet or multi-part continuous paper. Moreover, the printer can be connected to a computer via USB or a Parallel interface.

This dot matrix printer is also Energy Star compliant. When in sleep mode, the device uses a mere 1.3W of power. Additionally, it has a ribbon life of 2.5 million characters. In addition to this, it is able to support a wide range of media types. Aside from its durability, the LQ-350 offers high reliability for business printing.

This dot matrix printer is an excellent choice for businesses that need a reliable machine for printing. It is also ideal for applications that require high-impact print quality. If you are considering purchasing this model, it is highly recommended that you include backup equipment and fail-safe procedures in your setup.

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