Epson Perfection V370 Driver Download for Windows

Epson Perfection V370 Driver

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June 18th, 2023


June 18th, 2023






Epson Perfection V370 Driver Download for Windows

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Epson Perfection V370 Driver Download:

Easily scan photos, film, and oversized originals plus bring faded family photographs back to life with this flatbed scanner. With one-touch buttons for scan-to-email and copy, as well as ArcSoft(r) Scan-n-Stitch Deluxe software for photo album scanning, this powerful performer helps you keep your memories safe. So, you can download the latest version of Epson Perfection V370 Driver on Windows.

4800 dpi optical resolution delivers remarkable clarity and extraordinary poster-size enlargements. 3.2 Dmax and 48-bit color depth ensure top-quality document and movie scanning.

Easily Scan Any Document:

The Epson Perfection V370 Photo scanner delivers outstanding efficiency with 4800 dpi, 3.2 Dmax, and top-quality document and movie scanning capability plus the ability to scan 35mm film and slides. The scanner features Epson’s superior Matrix CCD microlens technology and energy-efficient ReadyScan LED technology for fast scanning rates.

The flatbed scanner is perfect for archiving documents and photos, or making enlargements with the built-in transparency unit and 4800×9600 optical resolution. It also makes it easy to scan directly to cloud services, Evernote, and more1 with Document Capture Software, plus offers one-touch buttons for scan-to-email and copy. Plus, use photo restoration to bring faded family photos back to life.

If you are having color output issues with Epson Scan 2, you may want to try VueScan (free) or ($30 for a full version). This program will detect and fix common problems that can cause poor scans, such as dust on film frames. It will automatically update your drivers and provide you with the best possible results.

4800 dpi:

With a top optical resolution of 4800 dpi and advanced CCD (charged-couple device) technology, the Perfection V370 delivers exceptional scan quality. Its flatbed design makes it easy to scan photos, negatives and 35mm film, documents, and oversized artwork.

Its ReadyScan LED technology enables fast, power-efficient scanning. It generates less heat than CIS scanners and uses mercury-free lamps. The resulting low power consumption helps reduce your energy bills and environmental impact.

The v370 also features a built-in transparency unit and film holder. This makes it easy to convert your old slides and negatives into digital images you can edit, reprint and share.

Other helpful features include the ability to easily scan to email at the touch of a button and create multi-page, searchable PDFs. You can even use photo restoration to bring faded photos back to life and retouch imperfections. And the Document Capture software makes it simple to scan directly to cloud services like Google Docs and Evernote.

3.2 Dmax:

Featuring 6400dpi optical resolution, 3.2dmax optical density for film scanning, and a built-in transparency unit, this scanner makes it easy to digitize photos and documents. It also supports a variety of popular cloud services for sharing and storing. The scanner’s high-quality scans can help you digitally archive your priceless memories.

The scanner s high-rise lid allows you to easily scan large objects and 3D objects. Its intelligent design automatically recognizes and corrects images for the best results. You can also use a one-touch color restoration to renew faded photos, and advanced dust correction helps reduce image imperfections.

The scanner features superior Matrix CCD mini lens technology, energy-efficient ReadyScan LED technology, and fast scanning rates. Its sleek, space-saving design makes it an attractive addition to any office. It also comes with a simple, user-friendly software program that is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X. This software allows you to set up custom scanning profiles for different types of documents and photos, as well as to save your favorite settings.

ReadyScan Technology:

So, the Perfection V370 Photo flatbed scanner features top-quality document and movie scanning efficiency, plus a built-in transparency unit for 35mm slides and film. Using exclusive ReadyScan LED technology, it delivers fast scans with virtually no warm-up time and is power-efficient, reducing energy bills and impact on the environment.

This scanner includes advanced software with photo restoration and document capture capabilities. Epson Easy Photo Fix restores faded color. Digital ICE technology removes dust and scratches, and backlight correction corrects images that appear darker due to intense background lighting. With Document Capture, you can scan directly to email and cloud services. And Optical Character Recognition (OCR) allows you to easily edit and search text from documents.

So, the scanner also makes it simple to manage regular scan jobs with 4 one-touch buttons pre-defined with Copy. Start, Scan-to-Email, and Create PDF. You can also effortlessly assign customized job settings to these buttons through Epson Event Manager. And enjoy faster workflow and enhanced productivity.

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