Fargo DTC400e Driver Download for Windows
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Fargo DTC400e Driver

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July 27th, 2023


July 27th, 2023






Fargo DTC400e Driver Download for Windows

Fargo DTC400e Driver For Windows:

Keeping your Fargo DTC400e Driver for Windows updated prevents software crashes and improves PC performance. Download the free driver update tool DriverDoc to automatically keep your drivers up-to-date.

Simple to operate, virtually maintenance-free, and easily field upgraded as your needs evolve, the DTC400e card printer/encoder offers a variety of options that help protect ID cards and the issuance process: password protection, data encryption, locking dual hoppers, visual security marks and holographic overlays.

Easy to install:

Update Fargo Printer Drivers for Windows to Unlock New Hardware Features-

So, the DTC400e comes with many easy-to-use options to help protect the entire issuance process and ensure ID card authenticity. From password protection and data encryption to holo-marking and fluorescent overlaminate, the DTC400e offers an array of security features that make it hard for counterfeiters to duplicate your cards. In addition, the rewritable option makes it easy to add bar codes, digitized signatures, and other information after a card is printed, eliminating costly reprints and waste of use-then-trash cards.

For easy maintenance, the DTC400e eliminates downtime and operator errors with a SmartLoad ribbon cartridge that combines printer ribbon and cleaning roller in one disposable unit. And an LCD control panel keeps you informed of printer status and activity, further reducing downtime and training costs. For complete ID systems, the DTC400e can easily be upgraded with optional modules to encode data on contact and contactless smart cards (including HID iCLASS(TM) technology), proximity access control cards, and magnetic stripe cards.

Easy to use:

With its smart, simple design, the Fargo DTC400e is a breeze to use. It is designed to make ID card issuance simpler, more secure, and virtually maintenance-free. Features include password protection and data encryption capabilities to protect the information, locking dual-card hoppers for managing different types of cards, and the ability to field upgrade with a range of security options such as MIFARE contactless and proximity encoders.

So, forget the hassle of ribbon rolls and separate card cleaning rollers – the SmartLoad printer ribbon and card cleaning roller are combined into one easy-to-use, disposable cartridge. And the intuitive LCD control panel always lets you know what’s happening with clear message prompts and commands.

Updated device drivers facilitate clear communication between your PC and your Fargo DTC400e. Providing your operating system with a direct link, allows you to maximize your hardware’s potential.

Easy to maintain:

With a smart ribbon cartridge and self-cleaning card-feed roller, this printer is virtually maintenance-free. Plus, you can easily check the printer status with the LCD control panel.

Keeping your Fargo DTC400e Drivers updated is important to maintain system performance and stability. Updates allow your operating system to communicate clearly with your Fargo printer device drivers and maximize hardware functionality. You can manually update your DTC400e Drivers through Windows Device Manager or automatically with a driver update tool.

The DTC400e offers optional security features to help protect your issuance process and ID cards. With password protection and data encryption capabilities, the hallmark and Verimark cards that discourage counterfeiting, locking dual-card hoppers for different card stocks, and more, the DTC400e can be customized to fit your organization’s needs.

So, this printer is compatible with true Windows programs like BarTender. This version supports all the printer features of the latest Windows operating systems. True Windows printer drivers offer the fastest printing performance, especially when working with rasterized bitmaps and PDF files.

Easy to upgrade:

Updated DTC400 printer drivers unlock new hardware features, optimize compatibility and maximize PC performance. Primary risks associated with outdated DTC400 drivers include software crashes, slow performance, and general instability. You can update DTC400 drivers manually through Windows Device Manager, or automatically with a driver update tool like DriverDoc.

The DTC400e is designed to make ID card issuance easy, secure, and virtually maintenance-free. Featuring a SmartLoad ribbon and smart card cleaning roller in one, plus an easy-to-read LCD control panel. So, the DTC400e is also field upgradeable, allowing you to add magnetic stripe or contact and proximity smart card encoders to keep up with your organization’s evolving security needs.

So, all Fargo printers come with a special printer utility called Workbench. Which includes password-controlled access to your printer, a library of Fargo card samples, and key printer and ribbon information. More technical resources for your Fargo printer can be found on the official Fargo technical resources page.

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