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July 29th, 2023


July 29th, 2023






Fargo HDP6600 Driver for Windows

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Fargo HDP6600 Driver For Windows:

HDP6600 delivers what you need for the present and future with field-upgradable modules. Easily add dual-sided printing, card flattening, magnetic stripe or contact and contactless smart and proximity encoding. So, the latest version of Fargo HDP6600 Driver is provided here to download.

High-definition photographic 600DPI printing resolution produces vivid colors, crisp tiny text and detailed barcodes. It also enables over-the-edge printing. Security features include password protection and resin scramble, safeguarding physical machine and ribbon data.

High-Resolution Printing:

Designed for cost- and efficiency-conscious government agencies, service bureaus, universities, medium-to-large businesses and healthcare facilities, the HDP6600 uses innovative HID retransfer printing technology for superior text and image quality. Its high resolution, 600 dpi printing capability prints over-the-edge cards for a true professional look. It also supports various coding options for added security and card protection.

With its iON technology, the HDP6600 reduces warm-up time to less than 1 minute, saving your organization valuable time. It also makes ribbon changes, cleaning cycles and day-to-day maintenance easy.

The HDP6600 accepts a wide variety of PVC and PET card types, as well as proximity, smart (access control), mag stripe cards, and optical memory cards. It also includes a lamination module to protect and add security to your cards. The printer supports a range of ribbon and film choices, including standard, high-durability, and holographic films for enhanced security.

Wasteless Lamination:

The HDP6600 goes beyond traditional retransfer printers with its innovative wasteless lamination feature. It eliminates the standard carrier film and take-up core that are required for most lamination processes. This enables you to significantly cut your high-volume laminate materials costs by up to 40%.

In addition to eliminating waste, the HDP6600 features a more environmentally responsible design with GreenCircle certification, reducing energy usage. Combined with HID Global’s patent-pending iON technology, which allows the HDP6600 to reach optimal operating temperature in less than 60 seconds, this translates to unmatched energy efficiency.

The HDP6600 accepts PVC, PET and ABS cards, along with proximity, smart (access control) and mag stripe encoding options. A 200-card input hopper helps you keep pace with your production needs. It also comes equipped with multiple field-upgradable encoder options for one-step, inline printing and encoding. The result is a superior-quality, durable card that meets your organization’s demanding requirements.

iON Technology:

The HDP6600 is designed for high-volume, multi-function card issuance, meeting the needs of organizations such as government agencies, universities, corporations and healthcare facilities. It is capable of printing 230 cards per hour single-sided and 126 cards per hour dual-sided. It can accept a wide range of ribbons, films and laminates for the issuance of proximity and smart cards.

Patent-pending iON (instant on) technology allows the HDP6600 to reach its optimal operating temperature in under 60 seconds, expediting the retransfer printing and lamination processes. Additionally, it has been GreenCircle certified as significantly reducing energy consumption over comparable card printing and lamination systems.

Keeping your Fargo ID card printer’s driver and firmware up-to-date helps ensure that you are always taking advantage of the latest features, performance upgrades, diagnostic tools and stronger security. Download the Fargo Workbench utility to help you manage your ID card printer’s drivers and firmware updates.

Easy-to-Use Interface:

Forget about waiting for your printer to heat up — the HDP6600 boasts HID Global’s patent-pending iON technology that allows it to reach its optimal operating temperature in under 60 seconds. This helps you minimize downtime and get your first cards printed up to 80% faster than previous models.

In addition, this Fargo ID card printer offers a flexible modular design that can be field-upgraded as your needs change. With options including dual-sided printing, lamination module, magnetic stripe, contact and proximity encoding and wifi connectivity, you can customize your ID system to suit your organization’s unique requirements.

As an added bonus, all purchases of this Fargo HDP6600 printer include free EasyBadge Lite ID card design software – usually worth PS195! This software makes creating and printing professional-looking ID cards quick and simple. Moreover, you can also upgrade to the full version of this powerful tool at any time to unlock more advanced features and functions.

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