Godex G500 Driver for Windows

Godex G500 Driver

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May 31st, 2023


May 31st, 2023







Godex G500 Driver for Windows

Godex G500 Driver:

Godex G500 Driver is a free software program for your Windows computer that allows you to connect your Godex label printer. This true Windows driver lets you use your printer with all true Windows programs.

Godex label printers have a standard 3-year warranty on all desktop label printers. Free GoLabel label design and printing software included with all Godex printers.

Product Description:

The Godex G500 is a thermal transfer/direct label printer. It is a small and very affordable model designed to print Kassoy’s wide selection of jewelry tags. This 203dpi printer features standard USB connections, runs on 110v, and includes Q-Label Lite software.

This Godex GE500 is a very reliable and durable desktop label printer with a standard 3-year warranty. This printer also comes with GoLabel, the free label solution software designed to work specifically with Godex label printers.

The GE500 printer uses a TT ribbon with a core size of 1 inch (25.4 mm). This printer is able to function as both a thermal direct and a thermal transfer label printer depending on the type of printing medium used. Please check the product finder below to see what type of Godex labels and tapes are suitable for this printer. Also, minimum print height specifications can vary depending on non-standard material variables such as liner construction, spacing, and thickness.

Product Specifications:

The Godex G500 is a light to medium-duty label printer that is compatible with a wide range of label and tag materials. This thermal transfer/thermal direct label printer features a movable reflective sensor and 2 centered transmissive sensors making it a good choice for special applications or extra thick materials.

This label printer supports a large core-size ribbon and prints up to 118mm. It uses a Windows driver and includes GoLabel, one of the most powerful label design software for Godex printers.

Godex offers a standard 3-year warranty on this product. They also provide a 6-month printhead warranty on the G500. This printer is an excellent value for a quality barcode label printing solution.


Godex provides a standard 3-year warranty on all desktop label printers. Moreover, the company’s GoLabel software comes with all models, which is an extensive and powerful label printing package that can only be used with Godex label printers.

This thermal transfer printer can function as a direct label printer or as a print-and-transfer printer with a TT ribbon. It supports the maximum label width of 118 mm. The Godex G500 printer also includes a free Q-Label Lite labeling program that can help you get started printing.

The printer has a movable twin reflective sensor and 2 centered transmissive sensors that make it suitable for specialty label media such as extra thick materials. Please note that minimum print height specification compliance can be dependent on non-standard material variables.

The new compatible Godex G500 Printhead is engineered and manufactured with the same quality and performance specifications as the original manufacturer’s product. This new Godex replacement Printhead will last the same amount of time and performs exactly the same as the original.

Installation of Godex G500 Driver:

The Godex G500 is a direct thermal label printer that prints at 300 dots per inch and is ideal for barcode labels and small text. It is a heavier version of the GE300 model and offers more space for a longer transfer ribbon.

The printer comes with Golabel software and a Windows printer driver as standard. The golabel software makes it very easy to use the label printer and allows for a lot of customization to the user’s needs.

The Godex printers come with a standard 3-year warranty and a 6-month printhead warranty. This is a good indication of the quality of the printers. They are also very reliable and able to print at a high speed. For more information regarding the specifics of this warranty, please contact us. This printer supports many different types of label media. Businesslabels offers an extensive range of compatible printer media for this product, click HERE to see what is available.

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