HID Fargo DTC1500 Driver for Windows

HID Fargo DTC1500 Driver

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July 20th, 2023


July 20th, 2023






HID Fargo DTC1500 Driver for Windows

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HID Fargo DTC1500 Driver:

Designed for government ID projects, universities, K-12 schools, and healthcare facilities, the HID Fargo DTC1500 delivers distinctive security capabilities. Standard password protection, data decryption, and a resin scramble feature protect card credentials against counterfeiting. So, the latest version of HID Fargo DTC1500 Driver can be downloaded from here.

With innovative printing inclusions such as a resin threshold setting for darker, crisper text and barcodes, you can expect enhanced print clarity. Its modular, scalable design makes future upgrades simple and effortless – including lamination and technology card encoding modules.

Security Watermark:

Designed to print high volumes of ID cards where the cost per card and security is crucial the HID Fargo DTC1500 comes with distinctive security features making it ideal for government ID projects, Universities and High Schools, Hospitals, and registered clubs. The DTC1500 features a unique print image with a built-in custom watermark overlay. In addition, it offers a number of security-optimized printer adjustments such as resin scramble data protection that hides the information on a used ribbon panel making stolen card data useless for forgery purposes.

With a field upgradeable design, this card printer allows you to add lamination, magnetic stripe, and technology card encoding capabilities at any time after the initial purchase, helping to keep up with the changing needs of your organization. The DTC1500 is also ENERGY STAR qualified and GreenCircle certified for efficient energy consumption and earth-friendly refill ribbons. Plus it is backed by a three-year manufacturer warranty.

Password Protection:

Built to be secure and energy efficient, the DTC1500 single-sided plastic ID card printer features security elements that enable organizations to routinely issue highly secure cards at a fraction of the cost without sacrificing quality. The innovative, easy-to-implement security elements include resin scramble data protection and a custom overlay watermark standard on every unit. It’s also designed to migrate to higher security levels with an optional magnetic stripe encoder and is Green Circle Certified for its efficient energy consumption and environmentally-friendly refill ribbons.

Enjoy a lower production cost per card than similar dual-sided printers with the DTC1500’s high-capacity print ribbons, 100-card capacity hoppers, and an average of 150 dual-sided prints per hour. It’s also password protected to prevent unauthorized printer operation and equipped with AES data encryption to ensure your printed credentials are safe from tampering or data theft. In addition, the DTC1500 is compatible with Fargo’s technology card encoders to easily add security capabilities such as proximity. And smart or magnetic stripe encoding to any new or existing badges.

Data Decryption:

The DTC1500 printer features a secure. Integrated data decryption function that scrambles the resin text printed on the used ribbon panels. This additional layer of security helps protect your organization against ID card tampering.

Standard password protection and AES 256 data encryption further protect against unauthorized use. The new HID Fargo DTC1500 also features innovative printing inclusions such as a custom overlay watermark that makes forgery much more difficult and a resin threshold setting for darker, crisper text and barcodes. Its modular, scalable design allows you to easily upgrade your printer in the field with optional lamination or encoding modules.

Ideal for medium-to-large-sized organizations, schools, and government institutions seeking to print professional-quality full-color ID cards, the DTC1500 is powerful, durable, and versatile. With the ability to add holographic or fluorescent overlaminate for added card durability and a range of hoppers that manage multiple different types of ID cards. This reliable and energy-efficient printer is perfect for large-scale operations.

Resin Eraser:

The Resin Eraser feature in HID Fargo DTC1500 Driver is an innovative way to protect your cards and ensure that personal information will not be left behind on the spent ribbon. This security feature obfuscates text by printing the overlay panel several times, shifting the resin panel each time.

This visual security feature is a great alternative to purchasing and using expensive foil or holographic overlaminates. Saving you both money and storage space. Easily activated in your printer preferences. This function is also ideal for organizations with tight security requirements.

Security, lower costs, innovation, and versatility – all these come standard in the new Fargo DTC 1500. Designed for government ID projects, universities and colleges, K-12 schools, healthcare facilities, and small-to-medium-sized businesses, it delivers unique features that help you achieve a higher level of card security. Plus, its modular design and scalable features allow you to add dual-sided printing, encoding, and lamination modules in the field as your needs evolve.

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