Lenovo T490 Wireless Driver v22.40.0.7 Download Free

Lenovo T490 Wireless Driver

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June 15th, 2021


June 15th, 2021






Lenovo T490 Wireless Driver v22.40.0.7 Download Free

Lenovo t490 Wireless Driver 

The Lenovo t490 is a top-self business laptop, which has impressive quality and security. The best thing about these laptops is that their battery life doesn’t excel by today’s standards. Many businessmen nowadays would like to offer Lenovo t490 for use of business purposes. Because it is very helpful to save data by having a large memory and storage capacity.

Supported Operating System:

  •    Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit (version 1709, 1809)

How to update the Lenovo t490 Wireless Driver:

There are always two methods to update the Drivers one is Manually update and the second is automatically update Drivers. Use can use any of one which is easy for you.

Update the Driver Manually:

  1. Lenovo support center where there is all software and drivers, just go there.
  2. Type the product name in the search bar box. Then you will be directed to drivers and software download pages.
  3. Go to the system version installed on your PC, select Component to Networking Wireless LAN, and operating the system.
  4. Then available audio drivers will be listed for you to download. If you see several download options, identify and download the latest one.
  5. The downloaded driver file will be in self-installer format. After the download completes, just double-click on the file and follow the on-screen instruction to install the driver.

Update the Driver Automatically:

Updating the driver manually may take forever. Manually if you cannot update the Lenovo Wi-Fi driver successfully, or if you want to update the driver easily, you can use the driver easily to update the driver automatically.

  1. Click the scan now button. Driver Easy will scan your computer.
  2. It detects all problem drivers within 20 seconds. Then give you new drivers instantly.
  3. Click the Update All button.
  4. Then all drivers will be downloaded and installed automatically.
  5. Alternatively, you can just click the Update the Wi-Fi driver.

Download Link

Some users follow these instructions but still face problems if you face it regarding your Lenovo Wi-Fi driver issues. You can ask questions in the comments section of this post we will fully guide you further. With a professional version, you will enjoy a free technical support guarantee.

Here below we give the official link of the Lenovo t490 wireless driver with the full latest version. So you can download it and also

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