M Audio Fast Track Pro Drivers

M Audio Fast Track Pro Drivers

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August 12th, 2023


August 12th, 2023







M Audio Fast Track Pro Drivers

M Audio Fast Track Pro Drivers:

M Audio Fast Track Pro Drivers are a set of USB utility programs designed to enhance the performance of your M-Audio sound interface. This program is designed for the Windows operating system.

Connect microphones and instruments to the front-panel hybrid XLR/TRS inputs with 48V phantom power, and line level sources to the rear panel balanced (TRS) or unbalanced RCA outputs.

1. Installation of M Audio Fast Track Pro Drivers:

The Fast Track Pro gives your computer the power of a professional audio and MIDI interface, with two high-quality microphone/instrument preamps, a wide range of input and output options, and a sleek, rugged portable design. It delivers 24-bit digital audio to and from your computer at sampling rates up to 96kHz, along with sixteen channels of MIDI in and out.

Plug the included USB cable into the rectangular connector (USB A) on your Fast Track Pro and the square connector on your computer (indicated by a USB symbol resembling a trident). Windows will display a “New Hardware” dialog box, prompting you to install the driver software.

Click the “Continue Anyway” button to proceed to the driver installation wizard. Follow the instructions provided by the installer to successfully install your driver.

Once your driver is installed, you can connect your M-Audio Fast Track Pro to your computer and start recording! Open a digital audio program and make sure it is configured to use the M-Audio Fast Track Pro as an input device. Verify that your audio signal is reaching the program by checking the input level knob and the headphone output jack.

While chaining multiple USB devices together is possible, doing so places significant demands on your computer processor and the USB bus, which can degrade your system’s performance. We recommend connecting only one device at a time.

2. Configuration:

So, the Fast Track Pro offers professional-level audio and MIDI interface features in a compact, portable USB design. It provides 2 combined microphone/line/instrument inputs with phantom power, outputs to drive headphones and monitors, S / PDIF digital I / O (RCA), and a MIDI in / out port. This interface is capable of recording and playing back high-resolution 24-bit audio to/from your computer at sampling rates up to 96 kHz, with modes suited to both stereo and multichannel applications.

Once you have connected the unit to your host computer and installed the appropriate driver software. You are ready to begin working with the device. It is advisable to take a few moments to review this manual and your audio software’s documentation to familiarize yourself with the features and operation of your system.

While working, keep in mind that the Fast Track Pro’s front-panel Output Level control knob (16) can be set to control the level sent to TRS Outputs 1 and 2. This allows you to fade between the input signal (from the front panel Mic/Intputs 1 and 2) and the playback mix (the audio sent from your computer). If you turn the knob toward “In” (indicating “Mix”), you hear more of the direct input; turning it toward “PB” reduces the level of your playback.

3. Troubleshooting:

The M Audio Fast Track Pro is a USB audio interface that gives your computer the power of professional, portable digital recording in a single unit. This device provides high-resolution 24-bit 96 kHz audio to and from your computer, along with MIDI in and out. It is compatible with the most popular audio software and provides clear microphone preamps for optimum sound quality in any environment.

Connecting the Fast Track Pro to Your Computer:

So, to record music using your M-Audio product, you must first open a digital audio program on your computer. So, there are many free options available, including GarageBand, Logic, and Pro-Tools. After the program loads, check to make sure your hardware is configured correctly. Then, connect your microphone, instrument, or line-level source to the Fast Track Pro’s front panel Mic/Inst inputs (the corresponding buttons will turn green when in use). If using a condenser microphone, slide the 48 V phantom power switch to the on position.

If your M Audio Fast Track Pro has a S/PDIF input. Connect the coaxial output of your external audio device to the fast track’s S/PDIF input. Note that the S/PDIF input level is independent of the internal mixer and therefore cannot be adjusted by the Fast Track Pro. However, if your external device has an output level control that you can adjust. You can change the input signal to the Fast Track Pro.

4. FAQ:

The M-Audio Fast Track Pro is a USB audio interface that provides studio-quality microphone preamps. Professional audio connections, and better-than-CD digital audio quality to your computer. It is compatible with all popular audio software and priced for anyone who wants to jump into high-quality recording.

To use the M-Audio Fast Track Pro, you need to install an audio recording program on your computer. Such as GarageBand or Logic. Once the program is installed, open it and select the M-Audio Fast Track Pro as your input device. If your system does not automatically detect the device. Check with the manufacturer of your audio application for instructions on how to manually select the device.

You can monitor your live inputs with the Mix knob (front-panel XLR/TRS combo inputs 1 and 2). As well as the output from your software via the S/PDIF outs on the back panel. You can even fade between the two. However, be sure to mute the inputs when you are monitoring so that you do not record over them.

You can also monitor a signal directly from the external device connected to the Fast Track Pro’s S/PDIF by connecting the signal to those inputs and setting your audio application to listen to those outputs instead of its internal mixer. Then adjust the output level control of the external device to the desired level.

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