MSI GF63 Camera Driver

MSI GF63 Camera Driver

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March 5th, 2023


March 5th, 2023







MSI GF63 Camera Driver

How to Update the MSI GF63 Camera Driver?

Integrated webcams are a common feature on laptops, but they can often be the cause of some issues. For example, they may not be working when you try to use a camera application on your MSI GF63.

In most cases, these issues can be solved by updating the camera driver or reinstalling it. However, you should be aware that outdated camera drivers are known to cause problems like this.

1. Update the Driver:

If you are a regular MSI laptop user and are having a hard time getting your camera to work, it is important that you update the MSI GF63 Camera Driver. Updating the driver can fix a number of problems that you might be experiencing with your device and may even improve performance.

You should also consider reinstalling the MSI GF63 Camera Driver if you are having trouble getting it to work after updating it. This will ensure that your computer is getting the latest and most compatible version of the camera driver.

Another reason why your camera might not be working could be that you haven’t granted the MSI GF63 Camera enough permission to work with your device. You can easily grant the necessary access by following these simple steps:

2. Roll Back the Driver:

If your camera is the only thing that won’t work on your MSI laptop, then it may be time to roll back the driver. A driver is a program on your computer that communicates with external devices connected to it.

It’s usually good practice to update your drivers regularly as it helps devices to function smoothly. However, sometimes an update may also cause the camera to fail.

You can update the driver by running a search in windows search and clicking on device manager. When you land on the Device Manager window, locate and double-click on the Imaging devices category to expand it.

Once you have done that, you can right-click on the first driver to choose Properties. Under the Driver tab, you’ll see a little box that reads “Roll Back Driver” if it exists.

3. Uninstall the Driver:

There are many reasons that could cause your MSI laptop camera to stop working. Some of the common ones include locked F keys and outdated camera drivers.

You might want to try uninstalling the camera driver to check if that solves your problem. This will remove any hidden errors and allow it to function properly again.

In order to do this, press Windows+ X and click Device Manager. Expand the Camera or Imaging devices category to find it.

Next, double-click the first driver to choose Update Driver or Roll Back Driver.

Update and Roll Back drivers help keep your device running smoothly. But sometimes, a driver update can also cause problems. If you’re not sure whether an update is the cause of your MSI laptop camera not working, you can always uninstall the driver and see if that fixes your issue.

4. Uninstall the Application:

If updating the camera driver did not work, you may want to try uninstalling it. This can be done by using Device Manager.

First, search for Device Manager in Windows and click on it or press the X key to access this function. Next, look for Imaging devices and expand them.

After that, right-click the first driver in the drop-down list and select uninstall. To confirm, tap on uninstall again when a pop-up appears.

Once it is done, restart your PC. MSI drivers will reinstall automatically.

Before you can enable your MSI camera, make sure that you have granted the application permission to use it. This can be done by opening privacy inside Windows settings.

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