MTK USB Driver Download Windows 11

MTK USB Driver Download

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March 30th, 2024


March 30th, 2024







MTK USB Driver Download Windows 11

MTK USB Driver Download

MTK USB Driver Download is a set of drivers created specifically for devices with MediaTek chipsets such as smartphones, feature phones, and tablets. These drivers enable Windows OS to communicate with these devices over USB connections and perform functions like writing the IMEI number or flashing firmware updates. Without these drivers installed on your computer, detecting or interacting with them could prove impossible and cause malfunction.

MTK drivers are compatible with an array of mobile devices and all versions of Windows OS, ensuring a secure and stable connection when connected via USB cable and providing file transfers between phone and PC and vice versa. In addition, popular software tools utilize these drivers for flashing firmware onto MTK devices.

If you are having issues connecting your MTK smartphone, feature phone, or tablet to a computer, it could be due to an outdated or corrupted driver. Re-installing the MTK USB driver should usually resolve this problem and restore functionality for your device – download and follow instructions from MTK’s official website to install the latest version of their driver on your computer.


Once the driver has been downloaded, extract it into a folder on your PC before opening the Control Panel on Windows PC and selecting “Add Legacy Hardware”. A window will appear prompting you to locate driver files – select your extracted folder from Step 1 and click ‘Drivers.bat’ in that directory to initiate the installation process. When finished click the “Finish” button to complete and exit the installation wizard.

Driver Talent, a free tool available online, offers another solution to automate updating MTK drivers automatically. With its user-friendly interface and ability to search, download, install, and backup/restore drivers; as well as uninstall them when necessary – plus its advanced features like hardware detection, VR support check, and PC speed up!

The MTK USB Driver Download is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7 in both 32-bit and 64-bit editions, so feel free to download from one of the links below – our files have been checked with antivirus software before installation! Simply double-clicking on an installer will begin the process and eventually list in Device Manager as ready for use – should any problems arise, simply leave us a comment below so we can assist. Thanks again for reading!

How Does It Work?

  1. MTK USB Driver is a software program that enables you to connect a MediaTek device to a Windows computer. It enables communication between the device and computer for data transfer, flashing firmware updates, rooting capabilities, and rooting purposes. Free and safe, MTK USB Driver was specifically created to work with MediaTek devices; regular updates ensure compatibility with new devices/operating systems as well as fixing bugs/addressing security concerns.
  2. MTK VCOM and CDC drivers allow you to perform many important functions with your phone. These include transferring general data (images, audio files, videos) from your PC onto your device (images, audio tracks, videos, and documents), unlocking its bootloader, flashing stock firmware onto it, and repairing its IMEI number; as well as using popular repair tools on PC such as SP Flash Tool or SN Writer Tool.
  3. MediaTek chipset devices such as Android smartphones and tablets, Android TVs, wireless routers, and some wireless modems. Compatible with all versions of Windows from XP to 11, it was specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with Android software.


  1. MTK drivers not only enable USB debugging but also offer a stable connection between your device and PC. Furthermore, they support several advanced features of Android such as rooting and custom recoveries; additionally, they allow you to install custom firmware onto your device, giving you options such as upgrading it or changing its appearance.
  2. MediaTek makes this driver available on their official website for download for free; once downloaded, extract it onto your computer and follow the on-screen instructions for installing it. This process should only take minutes but be aware that first, you must disable Driver Signature Enforcement to install this driver successfully.
  3. Driver Talent is an all-in-one software solution that will automatically update all your drivers on a system with one click, scanning for outdated or missing drivers and updating them for you in just a single step. In addition, Driver Talent backs up existing drivers so they can be restored in case of crashes or malware infections.
  4. MTK Driver Updater is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit computers and requires at least 512MB of memory to run properly. It provides a fantastic way to optimize the performance of your PC by making it faster, cleaner, and more stable – even helping fix driver-related errors like crashes and reboots! Download now to experience its power first hand; MTK is free and user-friendly enough that any Windows user looking for maximum efficiency from their device should give this a try – download their latest version here: MTK Official Website Link.

How to Download MTK USB Driver?

If you use a MediaTek chip-powered feature phone, smartphone, or tablet the appropriate MTK USB Driver must be installed on your computer. This allows for file transfers between device and computer as well as flashing firmware updates or updating IMEI numbers; as well as using custom recoveries or even rooting your device. To install an MTK USB Driver you must first enable USB debugging on your device.

To download an MTK USB Driver, visit either the official MediaTek website or third-party websites. Ensure you download the most up-to-date version, as old drivers may no longer function correctly; furthermore, only download from trustworthy sources to ensure safe installation on your PC.

The MTK USB Driver is an essential Windows driver that connects MediaTek devices to computers securely, providing a stable and safe link that enables various functions on your device, including flashing firmware updates, rooting, or installing custom recovery solutions. Available for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems and supporting various MediaTek models.

How to Download MTK Drivers and install the appropriate MTK drivers can be tricky. A professional-level tool such as Driver Talent can make the process simpler by scanning your system for updated official MTK drivers that best match it, saving both time and effort while helping reduce risk by eliminating bad driver downloads that could corrupt data. Read the instructions below to get information on this.


  1. To download the latest version of MTK USB Driver on Windows, follow these steps.
  2. Locate the download section or the provided link location URL on this page.
  3. Click to start the process of download.
  4. Wait to complete the download process.

Automatic methods are far simpler and quicker, employing driver update software programs to quickly download the correct drivers for your Windows computer. The software will also detect what operating system your computer is running and recommend the appropriate drivers for it, as well as provide backup copies should any issues arise with existing drivers. Software provided for testing purposes by MTK Driver Manager is free of charge and suitable for both novices and professionals alike. For optimal performance and security, installing the most up-to-date drivers for your Windows device is advised to guarantee optimal performance and security; outdated or incorrect drivers could potentially cause your computer to freeze up, crash, or stop responding; using MTK drivers allows your device to connect seamlessly, and without error; plus it helps maximize its features and capabilities!

How to Install The Driver on Windows?

There are two methods available to you when installing the MTK USB driver on a Windows computer: manually and automatically. Manual installation involves searching online and manually installing each driver – an exhaustive and time-consuming process that may result in errors or failure when trying to connect devices such as mobile phones to computers. Alternatively, automatic drivers can be downloaded through software applications on Windows computers automatically.

When connecting your MediaTek chipset-based feature phone or smartphone to a computer, installing the correct drivers is often the first step. These drivers allow Windows PCs to recognize and interact with the device properly – without them, you could face difficulty accessing its camera, display, and storage features – or transferring files or accessing its camera, display, or storage capacity. Unfortunately if using an older version of Windows, installing MTK USB Driver might not be as straightforward – in this article, we’ll demonstrate how MTK USB Driver can help so you can use all devices associated with it with ease!

MTK is an established mobile processor manufacturer known for their lineup of chipsets used in smartphones and feature phones. While each chipset offers different hardware features, they all use similar fundamental architecture – similar to what Qualcomm Snapdragon processors utilize – so if you own one or want one you need the appropriate drivers installed on your computer for maximum enjoyment – whether that means flashing firmware updates, installing custom recoveries, rooting your phone or unlocking its bootloader.


Download and install the MTK VCOM USB Driver free on your Windows computer by first extracting its zip file using WinRAR or another compatible program, then visiting Control Panel > System and Security > Device Manager and expanding Ports (COM & LTP). Look for entries such as MTK Preloader USB VCOM Port or MTK DA USB VCOM Port under Other Devices if the driver is already installed; otherwise, simply uninstall by clicking Uninstall.

No matter your technical ability or experience level, installing an MTK USB Driver on a Windows PC is simple. This driver was developed specifically for MediaTek-based smartphones and tablets and works perfectly across operating systems from Windows XP through to the newest version of Windows 11; also supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit computers.

MTK USB Driver stands out as a key feature for Android development and testing by supporting an array of tools and apps for debugging apps using ADB mode, rooting or unbricking devices, and installing custom recoveries for smartphones.

Noteworthy is also that the MTK USB Driver is free and officially released by the MediaTek community for use with smartphones and tablet computers – unlike some manufacturers that charge for official drivers.

MTK USB Driver is also compatible with all of the popular repair and flashing tools on the market, such as SN Write Tool and SP MDT Flash Tool. So if you want your MTK device detected by your computer quickly and efficiently, this may be your ideal option.

So, to install the latest MTK USB Driver on Windows, follow the steps below.

  1. Locate the downloaded file.
  2. Click to begin your MTK USB Driver installation.
  3. Follow the instructions provided on the screen.
  4. At last, click on finish then restart the Windows.


So, thank you for downloading the latest version of MTK USB Driver from here. We shared the official MTK USB Driver to download free on Windows. Leave a comment if you need more information on this topic.

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