Samsung Galaxy USB Driver (All in one) Latest Download Free for Windows

Samsung Galaxy USB Driver

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August 30th, 2021


August 30th, 2021







Samsung Galaxy USB Driver (All in one) Latest Download Free for Windows

Samsung Galaxy USB Driver:

If your Samsung Galaxy S smartphone is running on Android OS 2.3 (Lollipop) and you want to use it on some other mobile OS like Windows Mobile OS, Windows Phone OS, Symbian OS, or any other variety, but the gadget runs only on Gingerbread (the old versions), then you have to download Samsung Galaxy USB driver properly for it to work on the new mobile OS. Installing the Samsung Galaxy USB drivers is not a big deal but the task of actually installing them is a bit complex. Samsung Smart switch is sufficient to do the basic operations. But if you need to flash new firmware or modify Root, require Samsung Galaxy USB drivers to function properly with OEMODIN. Need to install the latest ODIN on your Galaxy S.

Before all:

First of all, you have to download drivers. For Samsung Galaxy S and its variants such as the Exynodia models and the Windows 7 smartphones – Samsung Smart Switches alone can install the required Samsung Galaxy USB drivers. If your Samsung Galaxy S smartphone is on Windows OS, you can follow the instructions on this site. But, if your Samsung Galaxy S is on Windows 7, you have the possibility to use DriverCure, which is an excellent software to fix any kind of driver-related issues.


The device will either be a 32-bit or a 64-bit. A few important points must be noted before installing drivers on a Samsung Galaxy S. The first thing to be noticed is whether your Samsung Galaxy USB is a 32-bit or a 64-bit one. You can easily determine this by examining the drive’s manufacturer label. A Samsung Galaxy S with a Samsung internal storage can use a “32-bit driver”, whereas a Samsung Galaxy USB with a different manufacture brand can work with a “64-bit driver”. The reason behind this is because Samsung has two different manufacturing lines – the Korean and the international versions of its operating system.


Secondly, check for available support for the latest version of the USB driver. A Mobile Data Protocol, or MDC, the driver is essential to handle the latest version of the mobile data protocol. If there is no support for the latest version, your mobile data communication may become unstable. Or, your mobile device may connect to the computer but not to the Samsung Galaxy USB, due to a missing or corrupt USB port.


It is advisable to install a Samsung Galaxy USB driver on a PC. There is much such software available online for download. The most popular USB driver management software available online is USB driver hunter. This software is extremely user-friendly, and it is highly recommended to download this software to update your drivers. You can update the drivers of Samsung Galaxy USB by following these steps:


Download and save the downloaded file to a convenient location. Extract the downloaded file to a temporary location. Install required software to update your USB drivers. Click Start, Run, type Regedit in the field box, and enter the command to locate the system registry. Look for the entries that mention the Samsung Galaxy USB driver and double-click to install the required drivers.

After installation:

Once you finish installing the USB driver on your desktop or laptop, you can now proceed to the installation process of the flashing firmware on your Samsung Galaxy USB. Once you have started the flashing process, it is suggested to disconnect the device. It is also important to plug the device into an uninterruptible power supply to avoid damage to the device.

Flashing the Samsung Galaxy USB driver requires patience on your part. You need to wait until the driver updates are completed. This may take few hours on some computers. Once the driver updates are completed, reboot your Samsung Galaxy USB and then sees if your mobile device is working properly. It is also important to have a working PC in order to complete the steps of flashing firmware on the USB driver of your Samsung Galaxy S.

Download link:

So, you can download the latest Samsung Galaxy USB driver for Windows from this page. Follow the link to get the latest driver now.

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