Samsung Xpress C480W Driver

Samsung Xpress C480W Driver

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January 26th, 2023


January 26th, 2023






Samsung Xpress C480W Driver

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How to Install the Samsung Xpress C480W Driver?

Using the Samsung Xpress C480W Driver is a great way to connect your printer to your computer. This driver is easy to install, has plenty of options for you to choose from, and includes NFC for faster wireless printing. It is also compatible with many other devices.

Installing the Samsung Xpress C480W Driver:

You must install the Samsung Xpress C480W driver correctly to enable your printer to function. Once installed, you can use your printer to print and scan documents, send faxes, or perform other tasks. To ensure that the installation process goes smoothly, you need to follow the instructions below.

First, you should download the Samsung Xpress C480W driver. You can either click on the link below or go to the Downloads folder on your computer. Then, you can double-click on the downloaded file.

Next, you must configure your wireless network. If you have a wired connection, you can set up your printer with the Wi-Fi Direct setting. Alternatively, you can use the Push Button setup. This method links your printer to your wireless network through the WPS (Wireless Protected Setup) button on your printer’s control panel.

After you have successfully configured your printer with Wi-Fi Direct and/or the Push Button setting, you can now set up your Samsung Xpress C480W. During this process, you will need to select the SSID and the Network name.

Connecting to a PC:

The Samsung Xpress C480W can be used as a wireless printer. It also supports Wi-Fi Direct, which allows you to connect to your PC through Wi-Fi. You can use the Samsung Mobile Print app to print from your mobile device.

First, you’ll need a USB cable to connect your printer to your computer. Make sure the cable is firmly inserted into the back of the printer. Next, you’ll need to download a driver. To do this, visit the official HP site.

When you’ve found the right driver for your printer, you’ll need to install it. This process can be done automatically, or you can do it manually. In order to find the best driver, you need to match your printer model with your PC’s operating system.

If you’re running Windows, you can also choose to connect your printer to your computer using a USB connection. However, if you’re a Mac user, you’ll have to download and install a driver separately.

Using NFC:

If you are looking for a multifunction device that is both smart and stylish, the Samsung Xpress C480W might be just the ticket. This printer has the high print quality and is also extremely practical. It comes with features like WiFi, NFC, and a flatbed scanner. In addition to being a good choice for home or office use, this printer is a good fit for a creative agency or a small business with a tight budget.

The Samsung Xpress C480W isn’t the only multifunction device in the lineup. The Samsung SL-C1860FW is another option to consider. Both these devices are compatible with Google Cloud Print, AirPrint, and Wi-Fi Direct, as well as a variety of remote printing applications. Having these options can save your organization a bundle in the long run.

There are some notable differences, though, in terms of both functionality and price. While the Samsung Xpress C430W can be purchased for as little as $160, the SL-C1860FW will cost a bit more.


If you are looking to purchase a new printer, then you should consider the Samsung Xpress C480W. This wireless laser printer is aimed at office users and is designed to cut costs without compromising on quality. The printer is very easy to use and includes several useful features.

It is a multifunction device that can print, scan, and copy. You can also clip images from webpages using the AnyWeb Print clipboard. With a maximum resolution of 6000 dpi, this printer can provide crisp, high-clarity prints. Besides, it supports both black and white as well as color prints.

If you want to get started, you need to first download the printer software. Typically, it is saved in a DMG file format. Once you have downloaded it, you need to find the correct folder to save it in. Also, you should remember to set a password before installing the driver.

Then, you need to install the driver on your Windows computer. First, make sure the device is connected to a wireless network. Next, you need to set a password to secure the connection.

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