Symbol Barcode Scanner Driver Download for Windows

Symbol Barcode Scanner

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Symbol Barcode Scanner Driver Download for Windows

Symbol Barcode Scanner Driver:

Download now the working Symbol Barcode Scanner Driver to connect your device to the Windows easily. So, this is the best and working Symbol Barcode Scanner Driver to connect your Barcode Scanner to the Windows OS. The latest and official Symbol Barcode Scanner Driver is being posted below and ready to get it on your OS.

We are sharing here the updated Symbol Barcode Scanner Driver for Windows to connect the device it supports. The simplest way to connect the device is by installing this working and official updated Symbol Barcode Scanner Driver. Get it now simply from a source below and install it to connect your Symbol Barcode Scanner.

  1. Download now the working Symbol Barcode Scanner Driver.
  2. Wait until the download completes.
  3. Now, install the driver.
  4. Reboot the computer system.
  5. Connect your Barcode Scanner now.

Functions of Symbol Barcode Scanner:

Symbol barcode scanners, also known as Motorola barcode scanners (since Symbol Technologies was acquired by Motorola Solutions), are widely used in various industries for efficient and accurate data capture. These barcode scanners offer a range of functions and capabilities that streamline tasks related to inventory management, retail, healthcare, logistics, and more. Here are some key functions of Symbol barcode scanners:

  1. Barcode Scanning: The primary function of a Symbol barcode scanner is to capture data from barcodes, including 1D barcodes (such as UPC, EAN, Code 128) and 2D barcodes (such as QR codes and DataMatrix). Users can quickly scan barcodes on products, packages, or documents.
  2. Data Entry and Automation: Symbol barcode scanners automate data entry processes, reducing errors associated with manual data entry. This functionality is crucial for tasks like inventory management, order processing, and tracking.
  3. Inventory Management: Symbol barcode scanners help businesses keep track of inventory levels accurately. Users can scan barcodes on products to update inventory counts in real-time, ensuring efficient stock management and preventing stockouts or overstock situations.
  4. Price Verification: In retail environments, Symbol barcode scanners enable price verification. Cashiers can scan product barcodes to ensure that the correct prices are applied to items during checkout.
  5. Order Fulfillment: In warehouses and distribution centers, Symbol barcode scanners are used to pick items for orders. Scanning barcodes on items and packages helps ensure that the correct items are selected for each order.
  6. Asset Tracking: Symbol barcode scanners are used for asset tracking in various industries. They help organizations keep tabs on valuable assets such as equipment, tools, and vehicles by scanning asset tags or labels.


  1. Quality Control: In manufacturing and production environments, Symbol barcode scanners are employed for quality control processes. So, they can scan barcodes to verify the quality and authenticity of components or finished products.
  2. Document Management: Symbol barcode scanners are used in document management systems. They can scan barcodes on documents, making it easier to organize, store, and retrieve digital copies of paper documents.
  3. Healthcare Applications: In healthcare settings, Symbol barcode scanners help with patient identification, medication administration, and tracking medical equipment. Healthcare professionals can scan patient wristbands and medication barcodes to ensure accuracy and patient safety.
  4. Data Connectivity: Many Symbol barcode scanners offer wireless connectivity options (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) and can sync scanned data with central databases or inventory management systems in real-time, allowing for efficient data transfer.
  5. Rugged Design: Symbol barcode scanners often feature a rugged design, making them suitable for use in challenging environments such as warehouses, manufacturing floors, and outdoor settings.
  6. Battery Management: For cordless models, Symbol barcode scanners may include features for managing battery life, such as fast-charging capabilities and battery status indicators.
  7. User-Friendly Interfaces: So, these scanners typically have user-friendly interfaces, including displays and keypad options, to enable easy configuration and operation.

Symbol barcode scanners come in various models and configurations to meet the specific needs of different industries and applications. Their functionality can be further extended through software integration and customization to match the unique requirements of businesses and organizations.

How to download and Install the Driver?

Downloading and installing the driver for a Symbol (Motorola) barcode scanner on Windows involves a few steps. So, keep in mind that the exact process may vary slightly depending on the model of the scanner and the specific Windows version you’re using. Here’s a general guide to help you get started:

Note: Some Symbol barcode scanners use HID (Human Interface Device) technology, which doesn’t require a separate driver installation because they work as plug-and-play devices. So, if your scanner falls into this category, you can simply plug it in, and Windows should recognize and use it without additional drivers. However, if you have a specialized scanner or require advanced features, you may still need to install specific drivers.

  1. Check the Scanner Model:

    Ensure you know the exact model of your Symbol barcode scanner, as this information is crucial for downloading the correct driver. You can use the search or navigation tools on the website to locate the drivers for your specific scanner model.

  2. Locate and Download the Driver:
    1. Search for the driver section on the manufacturer’s website.
    2. Enter your scanner’s model number or navigate through the product categories to find your scanner model.
    3. Download the appropriate driver for your Windows version (e.g., Windows 7, Windows 10, 64-bit, or 32-bit). Ensure you select the correct driver for your operating system.


  1. Install the Driver:

    Once the driver file is downloaded, follow these steps to install it:

    a. Locate the downloaded driver file (usually a setup.exe or an installer file with a .msi or .exe extension) in your computer’s Downloads folder or the location where you saved it.

    b. Double-click on the driver file to run the installer.

    c. Follow the on-screen instructions provided by the installer. So, this typically involves accepting the license agreement, choosing installation options, and confirming the installation location.

    d. The installer will copy the necessary files and install the driver. This process may take a few minutes.

    e. After the installation is complete, you may be prompted to restart your computer. Save any open work and click “Yes” to restart your PC.

  2. Verify the Driver Installation:

    After your computer has restarted, connect your Symbol barcode scanner to your computer using a USB cable or any applicable connection method. Windows should recognize the scanner and the installed driver.

  3. Test the Scanner:

    Open a compatible software application (e.g., inventory management software) or use a text editor to test the scanner. Aim the scanner at a barcode, and it should successfully scan and input the data into the application.

That’s it! You’ve successfully downloaded and installed the Symbol barcode scanner driver on your Windows computer. Your scanner should now be ready for use with your Windows applications. If you encounter any issues, consult the scanner’s user manual or visit the manufacturer’s support website for troubleshooting assistance.

Compatible Operating Systems:

Symbol (Motorola/Zebra) barcode scanners typically offer compatibility with a range of operating systems, including but not limited to:

  1. Windows: Symbol barcode scanners are commonly compatible with various versions of the Windows operating system, including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows Server editions. Specific models may have different compatibility requirements, so it’s important to check the manufacturer’s documentation.
  2. Android: Many Symbol barcode scanners are designed for use with Android mobile devices and are compatible with Android OS. So, they often support applications developed for Android platforms, making them suitable for mobile inventory management and retail applications.
  3. iOS: Some Symbol barcode scanners are also compatible with Apple iOS devices, such as iPhones and iPads. They can use with iOS apps for tasks like inventory management and retail point-of-sale (POS) systems.
  4. Linux: Depending on the specific model and your distribution, Symbol barcode scanners may have Linux compatibility. However, support for Linux can vary, and you may need to check with the manufacturer or community resources for driver availability.


  1. macOS: Some Symbol barcode scanners may offer limited compatibility with macOS, particularly for models designed for iOS devices. However, robust macOS support is less common is comparing with Windows.
  2. Embedded Systems: So, in industrial and specialized applications. Symbol barcode scanners may be integrated into embedded systems, such as those running on various operating systems in manufacturing, logistics, and automation.
  3. Virtual Machines: Symbol barcode scanners can sometimes be used with virtualization environments. Such as VMware, Citrix, or other virtual machine (VM) platforms, depending on driver availability and compatibility.
  4. Legacy Systems: Depending on the scanner model and manufacturer, legacy operating systems may also supports for compatibility with older systems and equipment.

Please note that the specific compatibility of a Symbol barcode scanner may depend on the scanner model and any additional software or drivers provided by the manufacturer. So, always refer to the manufacturer’s documentation and support resources to confirm compatibility with your chosen operating system before purchasing or using the scanner. Additionally, consider any specific requirements of your application or industry when selecting a barcode scanner.


Symbol (Motorola/Zebra) barcode scanners are versatile and widely compatible devices used for efficient data capture in various industries. These scanners offer compatibility with a range of operating systems, including Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, embedded systems, virtual machines, and even legacy systems in some cases.

The ability to work seamlessly with different operating systems makes Symbol barcode scanners valuable tools for tasks such as inventory management, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, and more. Whether used with PCs, mobile devices, or specialized equipment, these scanners provide reliable data capture and streamline various business processes.

When considering the purchase or deployment of a Symbol barcode scanner, it’s essential to confirm specific compatibility requirements with the manufacturer and consider the needs of your industry and applications. By doing so, you can leverage the full potential of these devices to enhance efficiency and accuracy in data capture and management.

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