Vivo Y91i MTK CDC VCOM Driver Download Free For Windows
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Vivo Y91i MTK CDC VCOM Driver

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July 18th, 2021


July 18th, 2021







Vivo Y91i MTK CDC VCOM Driver Download Free For Windows

Vivo Y91i MTK CDC VCOM Driver:

If your computer has a problem and you are getting error messages like being unable to proceed with a particular task or application then it is most likely a problem with your Vivo Y91i Mtk CDC V COM driver. You can get this latest driver from the manufacturer’s website but if it doesn’t solve your problems you can download the latest drivers directly from the Vivo website. The reason you want to download the latest driver is that there are new functions and features introduced into this device since its launch. Many people also refer to the Vivo Y91i Mtk CDC driver as the CDC or Microsoft Card Simulator driver as it is very similar to the MMC card simulator.

The Vivo Y91i Mtk CDC is one of the newest devices that are designed to work with the Microsoft XP operating system. This device was not developed specifically for Windows Vista but works perfectly well on this operating system. There are certain functions that will not be available if you use the older version of this device, which is why it is always recommended to have a driver update so that your computer will work properly. You can update your drivers manually, although this could be time-consuming.

Updating Process:

Your first step in updating the device driver is to find the Vivo Y91i Mtk CDC software and then click on the “Updates” tab. Follow the onscreen prompts and install the updates. You can also choose to automatically install the updates so you won’t even have to do it yourself. This will update all the components of the device such as the display, keyboard, and scanner.

To update the Vivo Y91i Mtk CDC driver, you need to disconnect the device and then connect it again. This is done to ensure that the driver updates are properly installed. Once you have successfully updated the driver, you need to restart your system to load the new driver. You should see a new icon on the system tray or in the taskbar system tray. If you feel there is a slight delay in the software updating process, this could be caused by some errors in the hardware.

When drivers are updated, the hardware should also be updated if the software is not functioning properly. For example, if there are problems with the scanner, you will need to replace the device with a new one or update the software in order to display it properly. There are certain steps you should follow in order to complete this process. You will need to find the manufacturer’s website and download the correct Vivo Y91i Mtk CDC driver. Once you have downloaded the correct driver, you should install it either through Windows Update or from the device manager if you are using Vista.

The update should be performed just as you would perform any other driver update. It can be done through the control panel, or from the console. To ensure that it is completed properly, reboot your computer. After you have done so, you should test to make sure the operating system is running properly. If it is, you can proceed to the next step. If you have any questions, you can get more information online or contact the manufacturer.


  1. You can install the latest Vivo Y91i MTK CDC VCOM Driver by downloading it from this page.
  2. The downloading steps are also written below.
  3. Locate the download file and click to start the installation process.
  4. Reboot the Windows after the installation of the file.
  5. Now, connect the device you are looking for.
  6. Use the original USB data cable to create a successful connection.


Downloading steps:

  1. So, you can download the latest Vivo Y91i MTK CDC VCOM Driver from a given URL source here.
  2. Click to begin the process of the download.
  3. Wait to complete the downloading process.

So, you can get the latest Vivo Y91i MTK CDC VCOM Driver from a given source URL here. Feel free to get the working driver software from a given source here.

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