Xerox Phaser 7500 Driver for Windows

Xerox Phaser 7500 Driver

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September 18th, 2023


September 18th, 2023






Xerox Phaser 7500 Driver for Windows

Xerox Phaser 7500 Driver:

Xerox Phaser 7500 Driver is a free software application that lets you download and install the latest drivers for your computer. It is safe, fast, and easy to use.

Xerox simplifies printer deployment with an advanced network driver installation utility that eliminates the need for IT staff to perform desk-to-desk manual installations. It also supports Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, and Vista, as well as multiple flavors of Linux and UNIX.

How to download and Install the Driver on Windows?

To download and install the Xerox Phaser 7500 driver on Windows without using the official website, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Identify a Trusted Source:
    1. Find a reputable third-party website that offers printer drivers for the Xerox Phaser 7500. Be cautious when downloading from third-party sources to avoid potential security risks.
  2. Download the Driver:
    1. Download the driver file for the Xerox Phaser 7500 from a trusted source. It should typically be available as an executable (.exe) file or a compressed archive (.zip) file.
  3. Extract the Driver (if it’s a compressed archive):
    1. If you downloaded a ZIP file, right-click on it and select “Extract All…” to extract its contents to a folder.
  4. Connect Your Printer:
    1. Make sure your Xerox Phaser 7500 printer is connected to your Windows computer and powered on.

Installation Process:

  1. Install the Driver:
    1. Locate the extracted driver files or the downloaded .exe file.
    2. Right-click on the driver file and select “Run as administrator” to ensure you have the necessary permissions for installation.
    3. Follow the on-screen instructions in the installation wizard to install the driver. This typically involves accepting the license agreement, choosing the installation location, and confirming the installation.
  2. Complete the Installation:
    1. Once the installation is complete, you may be prompted to restart your computer. If so, restart your computer to finalize the driver installation.
  3. Configure Printer Settings (if necessary):
    1. After the installation, you may want to configure the printer settings. You can do this by going to “Control Panel” > “Devices and Printers,” then right-clicking on your Xerox Phaser 7500 printer and selecting “Printer Properties” or “Printer Preferences.”
  4. Test the Printer:
    1. Print a test page to ensure that the driver installation was successful. You can do this from the printer properties or from within any application by selecting “Print.”

Remember that downloading drivers from unofficial sources carries some risks, such as potentially downloading outdated or incompatible drivers or exposing your system to security vulnerabilities. Whenever possible, it’s recommended to obtain drivers from the official website or trusted sources to ensure compatibility, safety, and reliability.

Print Speeds:

Achieve fast, high-quality output with the Xerox Phaser 7500 Driver. The single-pass LED engine produces documents at up to 35 pages per minute, so you can keep your workgroup moving while completing projects in a timely manner. For added productivity, the printer can be set up to auto-load multiple paper sizes and offers two-sided printing.

Expert-Level Color Correction:

Precise color registration and accuracy are crucial when handling large, demanding print jobs — that’s why the Phaser 7500 includes advanced features to help you produce high-quality, professional-grade prints right “out of the box.” Color by Words simplifies color adjustments with intuitive, user-friendly choices like “yellow-green colors a lot more green” or “red colors a lot more saturated.” Plus, black trapping helps ensure that text is sharp and readable when printed on colored backgrounds or in color on dark or black backgrounds.

This network-ready printer has the power to handle short run, professional-level color, and the size to fit comfortably in busy offices. In fact, the Xerox Phaser 7500/DN Tabloid Network Color Laser Printer can be configured as a desktop or a high-capacity floor-standing model, depending on your needs. To streamline your print management, the Xerox CentreWare Internet Services embedded web server allows for remote monitoring and configuration via any web browser. In addition, convenient front-side access makes replacing consumables quick and easy.

Print Quality:

When it comes to workgroup printers, print quality is one of the most important aspects to evaluate. A laser printer’s print quality is based on many factors. Including printhead technology and resolution, image registration, and color adjustment tools.

The Xerox Phaser 7500DN is a powerful tabloid color printer that is capable of printing high-quality text and graphics as well as photos. The printer also offers a number of advanced features that make it easy to use.

This printer has a high maximum print resolution of 1200 dpi. It uses a single-pass LED engine design that can produce up to 35 pages per minute in both black and color. It is a high-performance color printer that is ideal for business and home use.

The printer has a high paper capacity of 500 sheets and can be expanded to accommodate larger volumes. This allows users to spend less time reloading paper and more time working.

Xerox has made it simple for IT staff to deploy, manage, and use this printer. With the Xerox CentreWare Internet Services embedded web server. IT staff can centrally install, update, and troubleshoot the printer remotely from any computer. This eliminates the need to manually install driver software on individual computers. Reducing IT support costs and freeing IT resources for other projects.

This Xerox model’s best feature is its exceptional print quality. In our tests, it produced crisp, clean documents with accurate colors and precise registration. The print quality is enough to make the Xerox Phaser 7500/DN our Editors’ Choice for a tabloid color network laser printer.

Paper Handling:

The Phaser 7500 offers a number of paper-handling options that help it fit in with your workgroup. It comes standard with a 500-sheet main tray that can accommodate 11X17 paper. As well as a 100-sheet multipurpose tray to handle envelopes, labels, or heavier stock up to 100lb cover. An optional productivity kit adds a second 500-sheet tray for a total of 13X18 capacity.

The printer has a simple, high-contrast front panel display that makes it easy to navigate menu functions. When it detects a problem or needs attention. The display provides helpful messages with clear steps on what needs to be done.

Our demo unit shipped in a very well-packed carton, and assembling it was a breeze. Unpacking, loading paper, and plugging in the power cords were also straightforward. Our unit did show an LED failure error upon the first power-up. But this was resolved by shutting down and re-seating the pre-installed photoconductors.

Xerox has a great deal of software available for the Phaser 7500 to assist you with device management, accounting, security, and other capabilities. Xerox CentreWare Web, for instance. Helps you manage and monitor SNMP-compliant network printers from a single location. The printer is compatible with a variety of operating systems. Including Windows, MAC OS, and Linux, as well as a range of print servers from several vendors.


Xerox has extensive networking capabilities that make it easy to integrate into virtually any network environment. The Phaser 7500 printer can be configured over the Internet with Xerox CentreWare Web and can use TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, NAP, EtherTalk, IPP or SNMP (for integration into existing IT management tools like HP OpenView, Tivoli, and Unicenter(r) TNG).

Effortless Printer Management:

Deploying the device on the network is simple with a Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) certified driver that provides seamless compatibility in Microsoft(r) Windows(r) environments. Adding multiple units is even easier with the ability to clone network configurations. Centrally deployed print drivers eliminate the need for desk-to-desk installation and allow IT staff to free up time for more pressing projects. The free Xerox Global Print Driver (X-GPD) simplifies printing to Xerox and non-Xerox devices with a single, easy-to-use interface.

The Phaser 7500 printer meets RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliance standards and is ENERGY STAR qualified. It also uses bioplastic made from renewable organic resources and emits 16 percent less CO2 during manufacturing than the previous model. In addition, the Phaser 7500 printer utilizes an advanced toner cartridge design that reduces energy consumption by up to 25 percent and delivers low embodied energy. This combination helps you reduce your environmental footprint while providing superior performance to help you meet increasing business needs.

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