Zebra DS2278 Driver

Zebra DS2278 Driver

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April 26th, 2022


April 26th, 2022







Zebra DS2278 Driver

Choosing the Best Zebra DS2278 Driver:

When choosing the best Zebra DS2278 driver, there are several things to consider. We’ll cover 2D barcode scanning, Auto-host detection, Battery life, Warranty, and more. We’ll also discuss which drivers support your specific operating system. So, which ones are the best? Continue reading to learn more about this popular barcode scanner. And, if you’re still not sure, check out our buyer’s guide for a comprehensive review!

2D barcode scanning:

The Zebra DS2278 Driver for 2d barcode scanning will help you scan all types of 2D barcodes. These are common in loyalty cards and coupons, as well as on items you purchase. The problem with current 1D scanners is that they cannot capture these types of barcodes, which causes check-out lines to take longer and customers to become frustrated. With the DS2278 Driver for 2D barcode scanning, you can take advantage of the many advantages this device has to offer.

One of the key features of this scanner is its low price, ease of use, and management. Unlike some other models, the DS2278 is compatible with nearly every type of 2D barcode. This allows it to keep checkout lines moving and free cashiers to provide a more personalized checkout experience to customers. The DS2278 can scan approximately 50,000 different types of barcodes in a single session, which is more than enough for most retail environments.

Auto-host detection:

The Auto-host detection for Zebra DS 2278 driver is designed to prevent interference from selected Wi-Fi channels, thereby enabling you to use your scanner without any network management hassles. Auto-host detection is the easiest way to ensure your scanner works with your operating system. When the driver is automatically installed, it will be the most recent and will also support all popular operating systems. The device can be used in multiple locations and can be easily configured for the location of Wi-Fi networks and Wi-Fi networks.

The DS2200-HC Series comes pre-configured for healthcare applications. The auto-host detection cable automatically selects the proper host interface. The device is compatible with 97 international keyboards. The 123Scan software can help you set configuration barcodes, update firmware, and stage large numbers of devices. Its easy-to-use interface allows you to start scanning immediately without the need to manually set up every device.

Battery life:

The battery life for Zebra DS2278 is good and will last for five to ten years. The device is cordless, meaning that the battery life isn’t an issue during the business day. The DS2278 also offers omnidirectional scanning, which means that you don’t have to align the imager with the object. The device’s battery is also easy to swap out and is powered similarly to a digital camera. Thankfully, the replacement battery can be found online.

The DS2278 cordless barcode scanner has a 2400mAh lithium-ion battery, which is larger than the batteries of most Bluetooth barcode scanners. The battery lasts for up to eighty hours of operation or more than three weeks on standby. The battery is rechargeable in less than an hour, and the scanner can be powered by a standard wall socket. This means that the battery life of a Zebra DS2278 is great for any operation.


The Zebra DS2278 2D barcode imager is a cordless Bluetooth scanner that can scan 1D and 2-D barcodes. Its intuitive 123Scan software tool makes it easy to set up and configure even for new users. The Zebra DS2278 is the perfect solution for your retail establishment, whether you need to increase your point of sale scanning capacity or you need to streamline your business processes.

The DS2278 Bluetooth handheld scanner is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices and comes with 14-hour battery life. You can recharge the DS2278 in just four hours and comes with a presentation cradle for hands-free operation. You can purchase the corded model of this device and have it shipped to your doorstep immediately. The Zebra DS2278 comes with a 12-month warranty, which covers both the hardware and the software.

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