ApeosPort C3070 Driver Download for Windows

ApeosPort C3070 Driver

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July 15th, 2023


July 15th, 2023






ApeosPort C3070 Driver Download for Windows

ApeosPort C3070 Driver Review:

The new ApeosPort series accelerates your business evolution by removing technological barriers and adding flexibility to your work environment. The versatile feature set includes top security certifications, predictive maintenance, and automated workflows. So, you can easily download the latest version of ApeosPort C3070 Driver on Windows.

Data-centric security features ensure the highest levels of document protection and reduce information leakage risks. By importing device certificates, e-mail/Internet fax documents can be protected from modification and falsification, while the image log function enables prompt investigation should confidential information be leaked.


The ApeosPort series accelerates business evolution by removing technological barriers. With a strong feature set of top security certifications, automated workflows, and predictive maintenance, it integrates seamlessly into your internal systems and cloud services.

The multifunctional device intuitively uses light and sound to notify users – a soft blue light flashes during printing and stays lit once the job is complete, indicating that the print is ready for collection. This helps to reduce information leaks caused by uncollected printed documents.

Fuji Xerox offers printer drivers for both macOS and Windows operating systems that support the ApeosPort C3070 Driver. Please select your operating system from the list below to download a driver.


When a document is scanned, the device creates a digital file and sends it to a specified destination. The settings for the file created can be configured to your requirements, such as resolution and original type.

The device can save a scanned image as a TIFF or JPEG file. In addition, a PDF file with OCR processing can be created. The image size can be compressed to reduce network load and a password can be set.

By importing the device certificate and enabling a digital signature, e-mails/Internet faxes can be sent with enhanced security. Image log records of transmitted fax documents are automatically retained and can be retrieved, reducing the risk of information leaks. The ApeosPort series also supports secure communication with devices on the same network, using encryption based on S/MIME. These features help to enhance productivity by preventing unauthorized access to a multifunction device or e-mail, and also help to ensure business continuity.


The ApeosPort series integrates security measures to protect confidential information. A device certificate is installed on the multifunction device, and digital signatures and encrypted communication based on S/MIME are performed when sending e-mails or Internet faxes. An image log is stored for each scanned document, and transmission history can be checked using ApeosWare Image Log Management software. By storing and managing job logs, you can prevent information leaks even if a device is misplaced or stolen.

The high-precision LED print head delivers excellent print quality for a variety of documents, including envelopes, postcards, and long documents up to 320 x 1200 mm*1 and from 52 to 300 gsm. Paper trays can be configured to accommodate different sizes and weights, and the duplex ADF automatically feeds both sides of a document to prevent printing errors.

The operation screen is customizable to your preferred settings, and the device will learn your habits over time. This way, you can use the device more easily and efficiently.

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