Epson LQ 590ii Driver

Epson LQ 590ii Driver

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May 17th, 2024


May 17th, 2024






Epson LQ 590ii Driver

Epson LQ 590II Driver Review

Dot matrix printers are built for durability and versatility for everyday printing needs. Able to print on different kinds of paper, these multifunction machines feature various interfaces that connect them with devices and systems. So, here we go to share the latest version of Epson LQ 590ii Driver for Windows to download.

Epson LQ 590ii NT Printer offers various printing widths, connectivity options, and an impressive maximum time between failures (MTBF). Its advanced features can help businesses reduce operational costs while increasing productivity.

Powerful 24-pin technology

Epson LQ 590II NT dot matrix printer provides reliable daily printing needs with its durable construction. Boasting an extended life cycle and a comprehensive three-year warranty, you can rest easy knowing it’s an investment worth making for your business. Plus, its ribbon cartridge can print up to five million characters before needing replacing – helping reduce overall replacement costs over time.

Built for use in extreme environments, this powerful dot matrix printer was engineered to save your team time. Quickly printing reports, invoices, and purchase orders so you can spend time on more pressing tasks – plus its 20,000 POH MTBF rating ensures exceptional performance under demanding printing environments.

This dot matrix printer can handle various paper types and sizes, such as single sheets, continuous forms, multipart forms, labels, and envelopes. With multiple paper paths and interfaces for easy connection with existing systems, and its maximum printing width of 80 columns it ensures efficient yet high-quality output. Plus its low power consumption and sleep mode contribute to being environmentally-friendly! Compatible with most operating systems for seamless integration into existing systems while featuring a user-friendly control panel for convenient operation – perfect!

Reliable print quality

Epson dot matrix printers offer reliable performance to produce accurate and legible printouts. Their 24-pin print head allows precise dot placement for sharp text resulting in well-defined texts – ideal for industries like transportation where printed invoices, freight documents, and delivery slips play an essential part of daily workflow. Furthermore, this printer can achieve print speeds up to 584 characters per second (cps), quickly meeting critical printing needs in time.

Epson LQ 590ii features a durable design to withstand various printing environments and conditions and features connectivity ports such as USB Type B, RJ-45, and Centronics 36-pin for seamless integration into existing systems. Businesses upgrading devices will find that upgrading to this device helps speed the transition process while minimizing downtime; furthermore, it meets stringent energy efficiency guidelines ENERGY STAR compliant to reduce operational costs further.

So this powerful impact printer can keep operating without interruption for years without interruption in productivity. Boasting an extended life cycle and three-year limited warranty as well as up to 5 million character ribbon cartridge capacity2, its low maintenance costs and ease of management make it an economical solution for a range of applications. In addition, its user-friendly control panel provides clear messages and status updates; helping troubleshoot any errors quickly making this printer an excellent investment choice.

Exceptionally low operational costs

Dot matrix printers are built to withstand rigorous work environments, offering durability, reliability, and exceptional performance. Boasting an incredible 20,000 POH MTBF rating and 400 million character print head life span respectively, these workhorses are ideal for point-of-sale, manufacturing, and production environments alike – with seamless integration into existing systems thanks to Epson and IBM printer language support.

Long ribbon cartridge life means fewer replacements and lower printing costs per page, while five million character endurance helps further lower operational expenses. And to give peace of mind to customers using these durable impact printers are backed by a three-year warranty, with excellent support services provided to each one.

With USB Type B, RJ-45, and Centronics 36-pin connectivity options for these printers, they’re easily integrated into multi-device environments without much fuss – perfect for upgrading or simply expanding systems. Furthermore, these printers meet stringent energy efficiency guidelines set by businesses and their customers alike – meeting Energy Star guidelines when meeting these rigorous energy efficiency guidelines is also a plus point!

These sturdy printers were created to meet the demands of today’s workplace, offering user-centric designs with intuitive control panels to simplify configuration, setup and operation – so that you spend less time fiddling and more time getting things done. Plus they’re RoHS compliant and fully recyclable – further underscoring our commitment to environmental sustainability. Whether printing multi-part forms, labels, or carbonless copies these robust performers will meet all your demanding print requirements for class-leading productivity and quality printing results.

Exceptional speed

With printing speeds of up to 550 characters per second, this powerful workhorse will save your business both time and effort, helping keep ahead of workload demands. Furthermore, its ribbons boast an estimated lifespan of 5 million characters, translating to cost savings over its lifespan.

Durable, rugged, and reliable – it is an ideal solution for high-volume black-and-white print jobs with maximum ease and peace of mind for your investment. Also included with its purchase is an impressive warranty to provide maximum peace of mind.

This highly advanced 24-pin dot matrix printer delivers outstanding performance at exceptionally low operational costs and incredible reliability in demanding work environments. Its versatile paper handling capabilities allow it to efficiently handle multipart forms, carbonless copies, envelopes, and labels. Furthermore, this ENERGY STAR partner demonstrates their dedication to environmental sustainability.

This model stands out with exceptional performance, durability, and a comprehensive 3-year warranty, making it the ideal solution for businesses that demand exceptional reliability in harsh work environments. Take advantage of a competitive price with free next-day delivery when ordered before a certain time – check the countdown timer above to see if you qualify! Additionally, support is always available should any issues arise during or after your purchase can be found here.

How to Download The Epson LQ 590ii Driver?

To download the latest version of Epson LQ 590ii Driver on Windows. Follow the instructions below.

  1. Locate the download link URL provided on this page.
  2. Click to begin the process of download.
  3. Your download will begin automatically after a few seconds.
  4. Wait to complete the process of download.

Process of Installation

So, to install the official Epson LQ 590ii Driver on your Windows. Read the steps here below.

  1. Find the downloaded Epson LQ 590ii Driver on your download history.
  2. Run the installer.
  3. Follow the provided instructions on your system screen to continue the installation.
  4. After the setup is complete. Reboot the system OS.


So, thank you for downloading the latest version of Epson LQ 590ii Driver from our site. Leave a comment if you have any questions.

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